Mark Albright is the president of the Washington DC South mission and shares this letter from Eleanor Johnson about a missionary experience she had.  If you want to share a missionary story, send it to President Albright by clicking on the “email author button” by the title of the article.


Dear President Albright,

We have enjoyed your Missionary Moments so much.   I wanted to share my story with you for others to enjoy.  One Fast Sunday I was impressed that I needed to talk with my Heavenly Father about the Brethren’s invitation to prayerfully select a date on which to have someone ready to be taught the gospel.  I specifically recalled Elder Russell M. Ballard’s famous quote:

“May I suggest a simple way in which each one of us can exercise our faith and start our personal missionary service. Write down a date in the near future on which you will have someone ready to be taught the gospel. Do not worry that you do not have someone already in mind.  Let the Lord help you as you pray diligently for guidance. Fast and pray, seeking guidance and direction from our Heavenly Father.”  Ensign, Nov. 1984.

I knew that I truly needed Heavenly Father’s help to select the right person who was being prepared.  I went to a quiet place in our home and got down on my knees.  I expressed my love to my Father and my desire to follow the leaders of the church and do what they had asked us to do.  I told my Heavenly Father that I did not know the right person who might be ready to accept the gospel, but that I knew that He knew the right person.   I then simply asked for Him to help me set a date.  I immediately felt that the target date should be my birthday in April of that year, about two months away.  

After the prayer, while I sat quietly pondering, the name of a woman came distinctly into my mind. She had previously visited our church with her grandson and was a wonderful lady.  So with a prayer in my heart I called her on the phone.  We spoke for a few minutes and then Heavenly Father helped me to ask her the important question:  “Norma, I was wondering if you would be interested in hearing the gospel discussions taught in my home?”  

She quickly replied, “It is interesting that you should ask that question!  I have been thinking all week long that I should learn more about the Mormon Church!”  Over the following weeks, Norma was taught the missionary lessons in our home and was baptized before my birthday!  She quickly became a faithful and dedicated member of the Church.  This tender experience reminds me of God’s remarkable powers and that with God all things are possible.  If we ask and obey spiritual promptings, we are blessed.

Eleanor Johnson