LDS missionaries see so many miracles and answered prayers in their work that the rest of us don’t ever hear about.  President Mark Albright of the Washington DC South Mission has shared some of these from missionary letters he has received with Meridian. Read on and feel a part of this great work that is rolling forward.


I Dreamed Three Angels Would Come to My Door with the Truth

Sister Chantelle Bagley

I want to tell you Sang Hai’s story. We found her the first week of last December. I was with Sister Bertucci and Sister Kim in a threesome working near Crystal City.  One day as we drove by several homes we had not yet tracted, Sister Kim said, “I think we need to go back and knock on those doors!”  Sister Bertucci and I said, “Okay if you feel it’s right.”

Sister Kim then started to doubt it, but Sister Bertucci and I encouraged her that it was right, and we should follow her promptings.  We quickly parked the car and got out and started knocking.  We soon knocked on Sang Hai’s door and waited to see if anyone would answer.  

Suddenly, Sang Hai came to the door! She is an 80 year old Chinese grandmother who converted to Christianity over a decade earlier.   Much to our surprise, she let us right in like she was expecting us!  We then shared something with her that really caught her attention.  For some reason, we said: “God wants us to build up his kingdom here on the earth and the Restoration is the way.” This is not a phrase we typically use! She excitedly replied that she also wanted to build up God’s kingdom!  She did everything we asked of her during the lessons and was baptized two weeks later. 

It wasn’t until after her baptism that she finally shared with us her miracle.  She explained that before we met her she had prayed several times to know how she could help build up the Kingdom of God.  She was especially interested in sharing the message of Christ with the Chinese people.  

She told us that the night before we knocked on her door, she had sincerely prayed for guidance on what God wanted her to do and then she fell asleep.  That night she had a dream where she was told that three angels would soon come and knock on her door and that she needed to let them in and listen to what they taught because they would teach her the truth.  She told us that normally she never answers the door since she lives alone, but because of her dream the night before, she knew that she needed to hear our message.

When she saw that there were three of us at the door, she knew it was an answer to her prayers, so she anxiously let us inside.  After that she always called us her three angels. It is amazing how Heavenly Father leads his missionaries to those who are praying for his help.



Where Did You Find That Copy of the Book of Mormon?

Elder Kelsey G. Carter

When Elder Lee and I first arrived in the White Oak area (English assignment) this October, our apartment had plenty of Spanish supplies but few English materials, since our apartment had previously been used by the Spanish missionaries.  After cleaning out the car, we did find three copies of the Book of Mormon and several pass-along cards. (And no, us cleaning the car is not the miracle to be shared here). So we were happy to have some things that we could give to people at the doorstep. However, after the first week we went through all the cards and we gave out all of the copies of the Book of Mormon. So we were flat out of all supplies after our first week.  

During our second week we figured we would just invite people to visit  since we would not have anything to hand them until our Zone Leaders could get us more supplies from the office up in Burke.

The next day we set out to go tracting. We got in the car and we offered up a prayer. Elder Lee was precise with his prayer as he asked the Lord to guide us to someone who was seeking for the truth. Not quite sure where we would end up, we found ourselves near some townhomes.

I took off towards the first door then noticed that I was alone so I turned back to the car to see Elder Lee searching for something in the back seat of our car. I assumed he was just looking for his tracting Bible, but when he shut the door and stood up, he had a nice clean copy of the Book of Mormon in his hand. I immediately asked him, “Where on Earth did you find that?” He replied that he felt like he needed to look just one more time for something to hand out, and it was on the back seat. I was shocked because I knew there was not anything on that back seat. We had cleaned it spotless and there was not the slightest sign of any supplies or books!!

At the fifth home a huge guy came to the door. I was a little nervous, but before I even had time to introduce ourselves he invited us to come in. We went inside and found that he was a Marine and had been deployed twice in the past 18 months to Afghanistan. We were amazed to find that during his 2 deployments, he had read the entire Bible from cover to cover but he had never even heard of the Book of Mormon.

He explained that he was not usually home at this time of day since he works at the Marine base. He was very sincere and we proceeded to share the message of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon with him.  The spirit was strong and he humbly agreed to read our material.  We left him that copy of the Book of Mormon that just appeared on our back seat, and told him to read and pray about it and God would answer his questions. Later we met his awesome wife Britney and found that she was just as interested as her husband Mark. They were both baptized on Dec 4th. I know that God is aware of all of his children and that He led us to Mark and provided the Book.  This is truly a marvelous work!



God Knows Your Name

By Elder Eric C. Sackett

I love the work and I’m so grateful to be the Lord’s instrument. We had a special experience happen yesterday. It was 9 p.m. so we were heading back to the car when we stopped to talk to a young lady about 20 who had just gotten off of work.

She was scared of us at first but quickly warmed up. She said no to all of our offers to teach her or discuss religion.

We tried different topics like Church, baptism, to come back, and others. Elder Strong felt like we shouldn’t leave until we had a return appointment so we kept trying.

FINALLY she said, “If you can guess my name, then you can come back and teach me.”  Because she looked Hispanic, Elder Reeves quickly replied, “MARIA!”….nope, wrong answer. Elder Strong then took a stab at it.  Nope, wrong again. For some reason I decided to pray inside my head and ask the Lord if He would like me to know the name, that if it was his will, then please let me know.

I prayed for less than a minute and then the stroke of inspiration came: “VANNESSA!”  I cried out the name. She was stunned! We told her that God knows her, knows her name, and loves her more then she’d ever know.  Needless the say, we returned the next evening and taught a wonderful lesson about the restoration, and she accepted our baptismal invitation.  She is now scheduled for January 1st!  Her parents are also interested, and so the Spanish elders are now coming to teach them the lessons as well. I love being out here. I dread going home President. I love so much this mission. I love serving the Lord 100%. I promise to give my all until the end. We feel your prayers for us. Thank you. Ours are always for you.



No One is Lost to the Lord

Elder Michael P. Doman

We are doing great! Elder Stuart and I had just come out of a teaching appointment and we were headed to the car when we noticed there was a young man about 17 years old sitting on the curb waiting for the bus. The thought entered my mind that I needed to talk to this young man, so I headed over and struck up a conversation with him. We talked about God and his plan for us, we talked about religion, and how we could find out which one was God’s true church. Then he brought up that his mother was getting baptized on Friday into a church, but he could not remember which church it was. I thought it was very coincidental that we had a baptism of a woman on Friday so I asked him what his mother’s name was and he said “Evita! ” Wow!! Evita just so happened to be the lady who was getting baptized into our ward.

The whole time that Evita has been taking the missionary lessons she has been concerned about wanting her son Jorge to get baptized with her, but the son would never come to the lessons! None of the missionaries had ever been able to meet him and talk to him.  But the lord put Elder Stuart and I right where we needed to be so that we could talk to Evita’s son before the baptism on Friday. We invited him to attend his mother’s baptism later that week and he immediately agreed.  He came and loved the baptismal service! Now he is coming to church Sunday to see her confirmation.   It is a small miracle, but a miracle nonetheless, and Elder Stuart and I were exited to be a part of that miracle.  God knew he would respond to the elders invitation the best.   It’s like you have always told us, no one is lost to the Lord! 



Bill’s Prayer is Quickly Answered

By Elder Hayden L. Carnline

We had a really good experience yesterday. We were out tracting when we both suddenly had a strong thought that we should go and visit a certain member in our area. His name is Bill Ward and I think he is about 70. When we got close to his home we could see him on his front porch and next to him there was a big pile of boxes.

As we got up closer we could see that they were boxes full of frozen a turkeys from the store, and he was taking them one by one and putting them in storage freezers he keeps out back. We asked him if we could help him and he said absolutely.  I guess it was obvious that he needed help, a 70 year old man with a bad knee carrying over 50 large turkeys to the back of his house. I know that’s a lot of turkeys, but he gets them donated from the store to provide food for those in need, and then he delivers them to the hungry.  

After we finished carrying all the turkeys to the back porch freezers he thanked us and then he started to get emotional and he told us that as he was moving the boxes all by himself he started to lose strength and his bad knee started to give him a lot of pain, so he stopped and prayed and asked Heavenly Father to please send someone to help with the heavy lifting.  We then showed up. I know that God does answer prayers and that he is mindful of each one of us, and that God often works through other people to answer prayers. We are going to go back now and ask Bill if we can help him deliver the food to the needy and perhaps leave pass-a-long cards to those we meet.

Member Goes Tracting

By Elder Alex Scott Franzwa

Brother Robert Taylor in the Great Falls ward (McLean Stake) is a retired physicist. He came across the audio of “the Profile of a Prophet” by Hugh B. Brown on the Internet. He then made little cards with a link to the audio clip and went to his neighbors, in a very affluent area. He prepared a door approach and visited twenty-three of his neighbors that he had never met before.  Of the 23 people he visited, he gave out twelve of his home-made pass along cards.  He then presented us missionaries with a list of the twelve most promising potentials. The list included the day and time he visited and which times they were home, as well as who he talked to in the household and how they responded.

Over the past few weeks we have been visiting the people on the list and some are turning into good investigators. For example, one of his neighbors that let us in is the Zafar family from Pakistan. We sat down and talked with them about the Book of Mormon and the restored Gospel. We discussed the similarities in our faiths such as prayer and fasting. They were very warm and friendly. We left them with an Urdu Book of Mormon which they agreed to read. They invited us back to talk more about it, and the two boys 17 and 18 are going to play cricket with us. Their family friend also from Pakistan (but Catholic) has also agreed to meet with us.

Although assignments from leaders are usually necessary to obtain such referrals, Brother Taylor had no assignment, but just wanted to do missionary work and share the Gospel!  His fearless actions have led to some wonderful new investigators! 

More stories to follow in upcoming issues of Meridian.