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Fortify Fortify is a video-based online recovery program that offers actionable solutions for those struggling with pornography addiction. It is free for teens and available to anyone of any age that needs help.

If you or someone you know is struggling with pornography, go to the Fortify program and get the tools you need to reach long-lasting freedom.

The program is offered by Fight the New Drug (FightTheNewDrug.org), a youth-oriented, non-profit organization dedicated to raising global awareness of the addictive and harmful potential of pornography. This youth-led movement focuses on the science and the demonstrable effects of pornography on the brain, relationships, and society. Their global viral campaign attempts to build an army of young adults who will unite to decrease the demand for pornography.

This program was conceived by some BYU students, who have now spread the word worldwide about the harmful effects of pornography. Sign up on their website to get involved, get educated, become a Fighter, and unite with others in the fight against pornography.