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A few days ago, California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that requires all public schools to allow transgender K-12 students to use whichever restroom and locker room they want.

This means that if an anatomical boy “feels deeply” (no definition given) that he is a girl, he must be allowed to use girls’ restrooms. And must be allowed to participate on girls’ athletic teams. And shower in their locker rooms.

All in the interest of preventing bullying, so they say.

Privacy? Fuhgettaboutit.

What’s next? Letting fifth graders drive cars so they won’t feel discriminated against?

How silly are things going to get? Letting high school boys use girls’ restrooms and dressing facilities is like letting Russians wander through CIA headquarters if they promise they really, truly, cross-my-heart feel like Americans.  

Sorta gives a new meaning to the classic Beach Boy hit “I Wish They All Could See California Girls,” doesn’t it?

Don’t let California happen to your state.

* * *

Gary Lawrence is a Californian, but ashamed of the Sacramento Goofballs. He is a public opinion pollster and author of “How Americans View Mormonism”, “Mormons Believe … What?!”, and a forthcoming book “The Relocated War in Heaven.”