In a very busy world, full of distractions and loud noises, do I hear all the heavenly messages that I’m meant to hear?

Personal revelation is a gift each one of us can enjoy. Even with the knowledge that the Holy Spirit will guide me, am I attentive enough- plugged in enough- to receive the messages?  Sometimes- not all the time.

How have you come to know when Heaven is speaking to you? How many times have you kicked yourself because you weren’t paying enough attention, or you knew’ what you should do but chose not to? I’m sitting here waving my hand in the air (well, in my head I am.. actually, I’m typing as I sit here…) because I’ve “been there- done that” a few too many times for my liking.

The messages that guide us in our mortal walk are at our disposal – as long as we don’t think of them as disposable. Or get so busy with our own stuff’ that we miss the more significant communication.

Here’s a great short story which beautifully illustrates the importance of me doing my part in order to receive the gift:

The Cell Phone

There once was a father who had four sons. One day he sent his sons to their cabin to ready it for the winter.

The cabin was located some distance away from their home, and was without a phone connection. The father didn’t worry, because he had given each son a cell phone and knew he could contact them in case of an emergency.

Not long after the sons arrived at the cabin, the father learned that because of heavy rains in the nearby mountains, the cabin was in the path of a potential flash flood.

He called the first son to warn him to take his brothers and evacuate the cabin. The first son hadn’t even turned on his cell phone and didn’t receive the message.

The second son was called next. His phone rang, but the music he was listening to was so loud, it drowned out the phone and he didn’t get the message.

He then tried to call his third son. The third son actually heard his phone ring, but was so busy working on the cabin that he didn’t take time to answer it and didn’t receive the message.

When the fourth son’s phone rang, he heard it and tried to answer it, but he wasn’t used to working with a cell phone. He didn’t know how to get an incoming call, so he didn’t receive the message.

The father grieved for he had done all that he could to warn his sons, but for various reasons they did not receive his message.

Yikes- Have you ever been like the first son? The second? The third or fourth? I think I can identify with each of them, at one time or another. 

When understanding the importance of hearing and receiving the messages from our Heavenly Father, it’s up to me to do these basic things- principles- if you may:

1.Turn the phoneBe plugged in so that the blessings of spiritual teachings will be felt.  

2.Turn down the noise around me – including the noise inside myself – so I don’t miss the quiet ringing of revelation. It is with a still, small voice’ that heavenly direction comes.

3.First things first. When I’m too busy with the – well- busy work of “to do’s” of everyday living, how can I stop and enjoy the gift of messages that come in a spiritual way? The temporal can- and will- block the most important messages if I’m not careful.

4.Learn how toI can really identify with the son who didn’t know how to use his phone. When I got my last cell phone, it took me weeks to understand how to check my messages. Sigh.  If I’m not on my toes with regard to understanding the way revelation works, that will go un-received as well.

I know our Father in Heaven is willing- waiting – to share with information we’re ready to receive. My life has been full of learning curves, amazing light bulb moments, divine blessing of understandings… and times when I’ve missed the cue or not been plugged in as much as I needed to be.

There have times when I especially wanted to temporarily blink my eyes and send a child across the world for a day or two. When I’m angry or upset – sometimes, not even knowing why.  When I’m distracted by this or that…which turns out to be of no importance once the event has passed!
The Voice that whispers to our heart and mind is real, strong, and wonderful. It’s a matter of whether or not we will utilize and prosper the gift.

Vickey Pahnke Taylor is a wife, mom, and grandmother who joined the LDS Church as a teenager.  She is a song writer, author, and public speaker. Her latest venture is  offering an online spot to share goodness and offer a bit of hope in simple, real ways.  She has taught Church youth & family programs for more than 25 years, has written books, hundreds of columns, & created hundreds of songs all with the intent of growing goodness and pointing people to Christ.  She also writes for the website . Vickey loves all of nature [except scary creatures], going on drives with her hubby, cooking Southern food, laughter, and brownies. She teaches Gospel Doctrine in her ward. Her husband, Dean, serves in the bishopric.