Several nights ago, I was in a nightmare where everything went wrong.   It was dark. I was alone, in an unfamiliar place, and had no cell phone. The lights on my car stopped working so I couldn’t drive home. Several people came to assist me, but we couldn’t get them to work.   The dream continued to go downhill as I borrowed cell phones to call for help.   Each time I tried to make a call something frustrating would happen, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t re-connect with my family. I felt so powerless and agitated that I wanted to scream. Then I awoke.

New Consciousness

I slowly realized that it had only been a dream. As it faded, a new consciousness engulfed me. I felt enveloped in warmth and love. I became cognizant that I was lying on my side, and my husband’s arm was securely around me. I had the blissful comprehension that even though the dream had seemed so real, it wasn’t.   The fact was, that the entire time I had been feeling alone, frustrated, angry and afraid, I was actually safe in my bed in the arms of my husband. I had been cared for the whole time, but hadn’t been aware of it!

Greater Reality

I then had the sense that this experience was a spiritual metaphor with an otherworldly counterpart. Our lives are like a dream.   We live in a world that seems so real, and we all have times where we feel powerless and afraid. We panic and we suffer; but the greater reality of this “dream within a dream” is that our Savior has his “arm “around us, and all is well. The fact that we aren’t always aware of His care doesn’t take away from the truth, and that truth is; He is always there and has us covered! All we have to do is “wake up” to that reality and feel His power in our lives.