Dear President,

I want to share with you part of my daughter’s email that we received from her today.  She is serving in the Japan Tokyo Mission:

“Dear Family,

After my companion and I had both read Sister Olson’s article we decided that we would also pass out copies of the Book of Mormon. 

We had recently set a goal to speak with every single woman that we see when we are walking outside. This would mean turning around or turning down a side street if we saw someone. It also meant that some of the time we would be on different sides of the road so if a woman came walking down the sidewalk at least one of us would be there to talk with her.

We decided that our goal (inspired by Sister Olson) would be to give away a copy of the Book of Mormon to each person we talked with. After Tuesday morning’s study and planning we went outside and within an hour and 45 minutes we had already handed out six copies.

It was clearly a miracle. Almost every person we talked with agreed to accept a copy of the Book of Mormon.  

Before the day was over we had given out eight copies. Before the week was over we had given out ten copies.”

I am so grateful that I shared the Meridian article with my daughter Annika! Today I am sending the article to Annika’s friend, Jessica, who is serving in the Reno Nevada mission.


(Mother of Sister Annika Champenois, who is currently serving in the Japan Tokyo Mission)