Now that school is out and kids are enjoying the fun of discovering the world around them, parents and grandparents are looking for fun activities to do with them. I have spent my career coming up with fun activities to do with kids. I decided to open up my books and find my favorite. Whenever I have made ice cream in two tin cans it has been a real hit.

Kick the Can Ice Cream

One of the most fun times I ever had with my nieces and nephews was the day I taught them to make ice cream in a tin can. I gave them an ice cream freezer, which was made with a 1-pound size coffee metal can, and a #10 can. In a cooler, I put a quart of heavy whipping cream and three kindsof milk, chocolate, strawberry and plain. They went into the back yard on the cement patio and made batch after batch of ice cream. To this day I am sure that every one of them remembers the afternoon that they made every kind of ice cream they could imagine.

1 cup of milk (flavor of ice cream that you want)

1 cup heavy whipping cream

to 1/3 cup of sugar


cup rock salt

1 pound size coffee can (It is hard to find that size can and I have only found it with coffee or sometimes nuts. Do not buy a can that is made of cardboard. Also try to get it so that you will cut the lid off with a can opener. That will make it easier for you to take a knife and scrape the ice cream off the sides.)

#10 can

Fill the 1-pound can with the milk, cream, and sugar. The mix should fill the can half full. Once the mix is in the can and the plastic lid is on the top shake the can to mix the mixture. Then put it into a #10 can, which is a food storage can. Place ice and cup rock salt in the ice. Once you have the ice packed place the lid on and begin rolling the ice cream back and forth to someone. It is fun to sit down with about 5 feet separating you and the person you are rolling it to. Roll the can back and forth for 10 to 15 minutes. Open up the can and make sure to wipe off the lid of the middle can. With a knife scrap of the frozen ice cream and mix it with the ice cream that is not frozen in the middle. If you need a little more rolling put the lid back on and pack with ice and rock salt and roll another 5 minutes.

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