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Some of the most beautiful and touching stories told are those about angels protecting children. Several months ago, I shared several of these in an article. I’ve since received additional amazing and inspiring experiences from readers like you that you’ll want to feast on.

Miraculously Rescued from Fire

Kenny Mazzanti, a retired Sergeant on the California Highway Patrol had several experiences where he saw firsthand where angels protected children.  He writes,

“I was patrolling southbound I-5 near Lebec (between Los Angeles and Bakersfield CA) when I saw the backend of a motorhome burst into flames. The driver pulled over to the right shoulder of the freeway and the family piled out of the motorhome. Most of the motorhome was fully engulfed by flames when I approached the family.  The mom was counting heads. 1,2,3,4…

“Where’s little Johnny?” 

“One of the children said that he had been asleep in the back of the motorhome. I had the family move further away and prepared to go in to find the child. (It’s not the heat that will kill you; it’s the poisonous gasses from the burning plastics that will get you first). The door handle was too hot to open, so I used my handkerchief to open the door.  I took a deep breath and pulled the door open to charge in and retrieve the child. That wasn’t necessary.  There stood little Johnny holding his teddy bear as flames swirled all around him. I grabbed him by his sleeper and pulled him from the fire that took all the hair off my forearm, and then closed the door behind him

“We got away from the burning motorhome, and Johnny’s mother did a thorough inspection of her child.  Not a hair was singed, not even on the teddy bear.

One of the other children asked how he got out?  Johnny told them very matter of factly that ‘The man in white’ had awakened him and led him to the door. Then, pointing at me, Johnny said, ‘And then HE grabbed me.’ [1]   

What an extraordinary rescue! When God and angels intervene, such amazing things happen. This next experience that Kenny relates will take your breath away.  He continues:

“Back about 1979, one of the Officers that I supervised was patrolling Interstate 5 near Newhall, CA saw something of concern.  A young couple had stopped for lunch at the Denny’s Restaurant in Newhall and had resumed their journey entering southbound I. 5.  The Officer pulled ahead of them, activated his overhead lights, and slowed his and their cars bringing the young coupe to a stop on the freeway shoulder.  The Officer approached the driver’s window.  The driver defensively questioned why the Officer had stopped him.  He was doing nothing wrong, and in his mind, this was obviously an abuse of power… 

“Without a word, the Officer reached up on top of the car and took down the car seat that secured their newborn baby and handed it to the young father. Apparently, they were not yet accustomed to having a baby with them when they travelled.”[2]

What kept that unattached baby from falling off the top of the car as it picked up speed on the freeway?  God is so good…

I love the scripture that talks specifically about children’s angels:

“Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”[3]

Yes, these angels are often directed from the Father to protect small children.  Sometimes they protect them from their own lack of judgment…

Angel Protects From 12-Foot Drop

Janet Johnson remembers a beautiful experience she had with a young son being protected from a greater injury.  She wrote:

“My youngest child of four, a six-year-old boy, had climbed up into an open loft, twelve feet above our garage floor. He was leaning over the edge of the loft dropping army guys onto the floor below.  He leaned too far and toppled out of the loft headfirst. His shoulder hit a shelf on his way down, and he landed on the floor screaming in fear and pain.

“When I rushed into the garage and found him, his shoulder was bloody and the skin was torn, but I was shocked that his head had not hit the garage floor. I was so amazed as I held him in my lap that I commented on that fact. Although we had never taught, or even talked about guardian angels, or the possibility of loved ones who had passed being angels in our lives, he looked at me through his tears and said, ‘It’s because I landed on the angel. He was soft.”[4]

Isn’t it interesting that this child was protected from a severe head injury, but not saved from all pain?  The angel provided an intimate sweet experience for the child and his mother.  What a gift!

Angel Saves Two Girls from Accident

Allison Dunlap recounts a harrowing tale of angelic aid to two of her young daughters.

She writes,

“This happened when I was a young mother of 4 daughters. We lived on the corner of a busy street, but going the opposite direction was a lovely little neighborhood park that my girls loved to play in.

“One day I was nursing my baby when I heard a knock at the door. There stood my neighbor Sister Fredley with my two little towheads. She was nearly in tears as she told me what had just happened. Maddy and Rachel had noticed the front door unlocked and had quietly slipped out and wanted to walk up to the park to play. Sister Fredley was backing out of her driveway that had a slight slope on it, making the bottom of it not visible from her rearview mirror. She heard a man’s voice holler to her to “STOP”! She wondered what man would be yelling to her as we had very few that actually lived on our street. After she put her car in park and got out to look around to talk to the man, she noticed my two little girls in her driveway walking up the street towards the park.

“She looked everywhere for the man who had hollered to her to stop but found no one out in their yards on either side of the street. She realized then she had been helped by an unseen angel to protect my little girls from being hit by her car as she blindly backed out.

As she related to me on my porch what had just happened, I was flooded first, with embarrassment at my negligence, but then an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to the Lord for protecting my innocent little daughters and sparing them and her and me from the devastating sorrow that would’ve beset us all. I thank the Lord for all the help He gives to us as we strive to bring souls into the world and do our inadequate best to raise them.”[5]

What a blessing!  It wasn’t the plan for the girls to die that day, and an angel and an “in-tune” neighbor helped God’s will to be.

Angelic Hope during Abuse                                                                                               

Sylvia was a child in an abusive home and growing up she felt very unloved by her parents.  She told me that one day, when she was a young girl, an angel came to her and said,

“Don’t worry Sylvia, things will get better!”  

She held on to that promise for many years, and after she left home and started life on her own, things went in a beautiful direction, but it was the memory of that day that pulled her through.[6]


Why was an angel instructed to visit Sylvia, or the boy in the fire, or protection for the boy on the loft and the two little girls, but not sent to other children in similar conditions? Somehow, these visits were part of these children’s’ specific plan.  It was God’s GIFT to them.  Other children receive other good gifts such as learning how to overcome trauma or how to circumvent their own difficulties.  God gives us ALL gifts. 

In scripture Moroni asks a profound question,

“…have miracles ceased?  Behold I say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of men…”[7]  

Do we believe Moroni? God knows the life plan of all children down to the details. He knows what gifts they need.  The fact is that angels protect and succor MANY, if not all children from time to time.   In my mind, these are the inspiring stories that are worth retelling…

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