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Eleven years ago, 55-year-old John Hewlett lay on a gurney in an ambulance in the middle of the night fading in and out of mortality. “The thought occurred to me,” he said, “that I could easily slip over across the veil to the other side, and leave this frail existence. Reaching the emergency room, it was like ER on television.”

People were moving, talking loudly and urgently, working frantically and quickly to evaluate his deteriorating condition. “This must be serious,” he thought, watching the drama unfold around him.

What had happened was that during a routine procedure his blood pressure and vital signs rose to dangerous levels with a run-away heartbeat. The EKG suggested impending cardiac failure, and possible death.

A Heart Disease Time Bomb 

He’d known that in many ways he was a walking time bomb. Heart disease had prematurely claimed the life of many of the people in his family, including his father at 62, his uncle at 57, his grandfather at 66, and many other relatives at 49, 45 and 67 respectively on his paternal lines. He felt like he had a target on his head that said, “Next.”

Coming this close to death convinced him that he had things left to do, and he began an active search for the answer to better health and a way to beat his genetics. He began his search for health, and his life was profoundly changed when he was introduced to what scientists call “The spark of life in the cell,” or “the miracle molecule” called nitric acid.

That’s when he created Cardio Miracle, based on the Nobel Prize-winning work of three American scientists who found that nitric oxide played an essential role in the body for dilating blood vessels, increasing blood and oxygen to the cell and delivering more absorbable nutrients to the now receptive tissues.

The Aging Process and Stress Lower Nitric Oxide in the Body, Which Leads to Disease and Chronic Illness. 

When you are young (under 30) your body produces plenty of nitric oxide, but as you get older, the nitric oxide continues to reduce up to 85% in your 60s. This lower nitric oxide contributes to aging conditions like plaque in the arteries, neuropathy, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, auto-immune diseases, pain, inflammation, periodontal disease, macular degeneration, loss of libido, energy, stamina and numerous other critical body conditions.

In fact, what do these debilitating diseases all have in common? Inflammation—and we don’t have to be a victim to inflammation. Nitric oxide reverses it.

The news gets even better. The Nobel Prize scientists and others over the past twenty years have found that nitric oxide can be stimulated and increased 24 hours a day by supplementing with amino acids like arginine, citrulline, ornithine, carnitine, taurine, and with Vitamin D3, hawthorn berry, grape seed extract, vitamin K2, astragalus root, and panax ginseng. The scientists have proven that by stimulating nitric oxide 24 hours a day, many age and genetically related conditions can be improved as the body literally begins to “Heal Itself!”

In fact, nitric oxide can reverse age and genetically-caused disease.

The Nobel Prize research said, “Nitric oxide therapy can make a life-saving difference to your health…now we know we can reverse cardiovascular impairment and other diseases naturally-with the body’s internally manufactured ‘Wonder Drug’ nitric oxide”. 

Scot Proctor, Meridian’s co-founder and publisher, sat down with John Hewlett, creator of Cardio Miracle with the questions any journalist would ask about a product that claims to make such a difference to one’s health. The following is their conversation.

Most of us think that our life is on a one-way journey to feeling less and less good and having less and less energy.  It appears from what we’ve learned that just doesn’t have to be the case.

Scot: People ask me all the time about how Maurine and I keep up the schedule we do—travel like we do, produce like we do.  We really work at it, but we are learners—we are always looking for ways to improve our health.  That’s why I was willing to sit down and talk with you about your product, John.  I think we all learn that as time passes, good health isn’t something that we can just take for granted, and that it requires thought and work to keep your body healthy as time passes.

So, John, if I were your best friend and I said, “I feel horrible and I need to know if this product is really going to work”, what would you tell me? Or, what if I even said, “I know I’ve got a heart issue and I have no more energy, but I’m not done with life. I’ve got some ways to go. What is the benefit of this product for me?”

 John Hewlett: Probably the number one benefit of Cardio Miracle is that it helps fight and reduce inflammation in the cell.It also helps fight inflammation in the wall of all of the circulatory system, including blood vessels, veins, lymphatic, and nervous system; all of the vessels of the body. It helps reduce plaque, occlusions or the blockages that occur when inflammation gets too strong in the wall of these vessels.

It dilates the vessels and relaxes the vessels, which allows for greater blood flow and greater delivery of oxygen to the cell and to the lungs. It means that you can actually breathe more freely when you’re under exertion or when you’re sleeping or any other time.

Nitric oxide dilates the arteries so that they become more receptive to be able to absorb the vital nutrients and vitamins that people need.  When most people take supplements, they just end up with expensive urine because the absorption in the body is so low. However, when you dilate with nitric oxide, this gas that flows through your body opens up the receptivity of the cells so they absorb nutrients.

Inflammation is probably the number one issue. Science and medicine are finally acknowledging that inflammation is at the source of all chronic illness.  Nitric oxide reduces inflammation.

Scot:  Tell me more about Nitric Oxide.  Once I first found out about it I started seeing it all over the Internet.  Give me a primer on this gas.

John:  Nitric Oxide is a gaseous molecule created by your veins and arteries. If you doubt that a gas could be critical to your health, just hold your breath until you change your mind. Our body is one complex gas exchange system; swapping out oxygen for carbon dioxide in every cell of our body, every second of the day, through our cardiovascular system. What scientists learned at the end of the 20th Century was that another gas, Nitric Oxide, is necessary to make this system work. Without Nitric Oxide, you are back to holding your breath.

Cardiovascular disease is not only the number one killer of adults in the world; it is the main contributing factor to your quality of life as you approach retirement age. As a vital component of the cardiovascular system, Nitric Oxide relaxes and enlarges the blood vessels, prevents blood clots that trigger strokes and heart attacks, and regulates blood pressure and the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels. In laymen’s terms, Nitric Oxide is a major key to long-term health. Conversely, when age, environment, and your DNA decrease your body’s ability to produce Nitric Oxide, you become vulnerable to heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other life-threatening maladies. 

An important component of Nitric Oxide research has been to determine the processes and supplements that boost natural Nitric Oxide production. This is critical since studies show that adults in the U.S. have less than half the Nitric Oxide levels they had in their youth, leaving them vulnerable to cardiovascular related disease.

Scot:  People come to us with new products and supplements all the time. What is so different about this Cardio Miracle—and how can I be assured that what you are telling me is not just for marketing?

John:  Nitric Oxide essentially was discovered less than 30 years ago. Twenty years ago, in 1998, three Americans were given the Nobel Prize in medicine for their research that uncovered the beneficial aspects of nitric oxide in reversing plaque in the body. It was even said that Nitric Oxide could help reverse heart disease.

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Scot:  We hear about inflammation as being a problem in many diseases today. Were people talking about this 20 years ago in 1998?

John:  No, when they discovered Nitric Oxide and learned that it could heal the arterial wall, the researchers connected the dots that heart disease was an inflammation problem, not just a genetic one. For years people thought all heart disease was strictly genetics, and if you had bad genetics, you were going to have heart disease. You saw people who are runners and worked to keep in perfect shape, who then dropped dead from heart attacks. You had people who had other issues that didn’t seem to have a genetic origin. The Nobel Prize winners researched and then announced that there’s a third gas in the body that helps regulate everything: oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitric oxide.

In the last 20 years, there have been over 150,000 medical, clinical studies validating that nitric oxide is critical to cellular function and to balancing out oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Scot: 150,000 studies?

John: Yes, more than 150,000 medical, clinical studies!

Scot: That’s incredible. So, what if I say “I think that I’ll just take a baby aspirin every day, because I think that would probably do it for me.” Why isn’t that idea enough to help with heart health? I’ve heard that baby aspirin is the miracle drug of our age.

John:  Actually, there’s another school of thought on that. An aspirin is essentially a blood thinner, and so, by thinning your blood, you lower the chance of a blood clot, stroke or heart attack.  There is new research that states that healthy adults over age 50 show no life-extending benefit from taking an aspirin daily.  Also, there is significant research that aspirin can damage the capillary wall, weakening it eventually, and cause bleeding in sensitive organ linings like the stomach, colon, and even the brain.  So aspirin may help prevent some clotting, and be a less toxic blood thinner when needed, but has other risks that are emerging from the latest studies.

Aspirin has anti-inflammatory benefits, but if the most sensitive capillaries start bleeding more, then there appears to be some systemic issues that may be more safely addressed with Nitric Oxide and nutritional therapy versus the daily aspirin regiment of the past.

ScotSo, are you saying aspirin is not an anti-inflammatory?

John:  Not necessarily. It’s mainly a blood thinner. Now, there has been some research that says that’s helpful, but at its base level, most any aspirin actually creates systemic inflammation. So, it fixes the symptom, but it doesn’t fix the source.

Scot:  Is this school of thought about aspirin widely accepted?

John:  There are many negative side effects from aspirin that most people don’t talk about. Aspirin can deplete the body of life-saving nutrients, including folic acid, iron, potassium, sodium and vitamin C. Symptoms associated with such depletion can include: anemia, birth defects, heart disease, elevated homocysteine (a risk factor for heart disease), headache, depression, fatigue, hair loss, insomnia, diarrhea, shortness of breath, pale skin and suppression of the immune system.  So keeping the natural vitamins and minerals nourishing the cells, and having therapeutic Nitric Oxide, vitamin D, C, B, and dozens of other great ingredients may be far more beneficial than the blood thinning aspect of aspirin, especially when more nitric oxide in the blood stream is being clinically proven to assist platelets to be more slippery, and not to coagulate or stick together naturally.

Scot: Wow, so let’s get back to Nitric Oxide.

John:  That’s why Nitric Oxide is so important. As you get older, part of the aging process is that Nitric Oxide is diminished. In fact, it’s like 80% less for somebody over 60, unless they’re eating certain things or exercising at certain levels. There are different things that stimulate your body to make nitric oxide, but the science has shown us that we need to supplement and stimulate it. We trick the body into stimulating Nitric Oxide like when we were young to help keep that balance between the oxygen and the carbon dioxide levels.

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Scot:  So I see that many products out there on the market stimulate Nitric Oxide, why should I choose Cardio Miracle?

John:  Initially, when it was first discovered that Nitric Oxide could be supplemented, it was very popular in the bodybuilding and athletic worlds. They learned that one of the building blocks of life is L-arginine, and that’s what stimulated Nitric Oxide.

What they learned is that you need to create it to last for a 24-hour day for it to have a therapeutic effect on the arterial wall, not just be a spike of Nitric Oxide, which might give an athlete a temporary pump in the gym for an hour. They actually found that people started taking handfuls of arginine capsules or powder or a drink that was heavily spiked with just arginine and then it can actually become a free radical. Too much of a good thing became a bad thing.

It was determined by research that you need to buffer the arginine or the Nitric Oxide response with anti-oxidants; vitamin C, vitamin B, and various other good types of nutrients so it occurs over a 24-hour a day period. It’s complex science.

The reason we believe that Cardio Miracle is the superior delivery of Nitric Oxide is that we have a very verifiable amount of L-arginine. We also have L-citrulline which is another amino acid that the body converts into essentially time-released L-arginine. And then we’ve added hawthorn berry, we’ve added astragalus root and panax ginseng, a couple of herbs that help extend the Nitric Oxide and have their own powerful health components. And also, just in the last couple of years, they’ve found the correlation between the importance of vitamin D3 and Nitric Oxide working together to help prevent heart disease.We have 53 ingredients in Cardio Miracle that work together to create healthy hearts.  That’s the big key that makes this so different from all the other products trying to deliver Nitric Oxide.

Scot:  I was just going to ask you about vitamin D3.  There must have been an event at some point that made it take off and everyone knows that they need to be taking Vitamin D3 now. Why did that happen and why does it help with Nitric Oxide?

John:  The event, in my opinion, was when Dr. Oz had his own television program after he left the Oprah Winfrey show, and he started bringing on alternative physicians and nutritionists. He brought on Joe Mercola, who is a naturopathic physician, and told Dr. Oz, that Vitamin D3 was very important. From that point, I believe the word got out about the importance of Vitamin D3.

The only thing that’s greater than the research coming forward on vitamin D3 is the continued research on Nitric Oxide that continues to appear. As I said, in the past 20 years there have been more than 150,000 medical studies on Nitric Oxide and now there are tens of thousands on vitamin D coming out, including some just in the last six weeks that have earmarked vitamin D’s impact on heart disease, vitamin D’s impact on breast cancer, and vitamin D’s impact on preventing cancer in general.

The research is now coming dramatically out and the two top people in that arena are Dr. Garland from the University of San Diego and Dr. Malinski at the University of Ohio. Their research just in 2018 has basically told us that vitamin D3 for anyone over 50 or 60 years old can be the greatest deterrent to their having a heart incident, breast cancer incident, cancer incident and even if they’re having a surgical procedure—having more vitamin D and more Nitric Oxide—can be the difference between life and death.So, this is just the latest research that’s coming out, that the scientific and medical community is, in many cases, way ahead of your average physician who has just now been on board for a couple of years of telling people to elevate their vitamin D. And yet it’s been about ten years since Dr. Oz came out with that announcement.

Scot:  So, tell me about the cost analysis, just in ballpark terms, if I use Cardio Miracle. It seems like there are enough supplements in this drink alone, that I could probably set aside some of the supplements I’m taking right now. Is there some kind of a good comparison where I can say, “I don’t have to take my daily vitamin C pills or whatever because it’s already in there? I don’t need to double up?” What are some things you could tell us about that? 

John:  Great question. When I started in the Nitric Oxide world, the cost to increase and stimulate Nitric Oxide was $2-3 per dose and that was in direct sales and in multi-level. When we started Cardio Miracle four years ago, we wanted to get the price down to $1.50 direct to the consumer and then give them the best Nitric Oxide stimulation from multiple pathways and the most other ingredients. We made a decision to not sell this as an MLM, so we could offer it to as many people as inexpensively as possible.

The average Nitric Oxide supplement has between 8-15 ingredients. Cardio Miracle has 53 and that’s primarily my fault. Anytime I found something good that people needed, I wanted to put it in the product.

It’s a drink you mix up twice a day, which was easier than taking handfuls of capsules. A lot of people choke on their capsules and don’t like to take handfuls of them and, of course, there are issues about the fact that capsules don’t digest very well and that their body acids can get to them. The best absorption has always been liquid form. It helps the sublingual. It also helps bypass quickly through the stomach so that it can be absorbed in the colon, which is where most of the absorption takes place.

In Cardio Miracle we put therapeutic doses of all of the essential B vitamins, D vitamins, E, C, and selenium. We put in anti-inflammatories like turmeric and astaxanthin, because I believe that with Nitric Oxide, my primary objective was to heal the arterial wall and then to fight inflammation. By fighting inflammation and delivering good oxygen and therapeutic vitamin D, that would help balance out the carbon dioxide and the oxygen and be the greatest prevention of cancer and the greatest prevention of heart disease and diabetes as well, which is essentially about 75-80% of the reasons why most people die as they get older.

I was basically looking for something that in one serving, twice a day, a person could drink it and essentially replace their multi-vitamins. They could replace their ophthalmology vitamin. They could replace the vitamins that they’re trying to do to prevent their glaucoma or their cataracts. That they could stop having to take their extra calcium or magnesium because they’re worried about their bone density. They could get their adequate vitamin C so that they could feel like they could fight off the common cold and other problems.

I’m in process of trying to prove it in some of the top labs that we deliver therapeutic levels of vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B for people where in most cases, most supplements are giving people 10-20% absorption from whatever they’re taking.

If you can give people 53 of the best ingredients with multiple Nitric Oxide, therapeutic vitamin D, B, C, and selenium and other things, you’ve been able to eliminate what most people would be spending $5-10 dollars a day on for supplements that are not being absorbed very well.

By spending $1.50 to $3 a day on Cardio Miracle, depending on whether they buy it in bulk or not, we are bringing a person’s costs down. This is about 2/3 less than what products with as few as 12 ingredients are costing in the MLM world. That’s more than 40 more ingredients for much less money.

People often take handfuls of supplements that make them sick. For example, take too much calcium, and it just goes into your blood stream and ends up lining your capillaries with calcium. We put vitamin K2 in Cardio Miracle because it directs the calcium to where it’s needed to fight inflammation. Vitamin K2 is the traffic cop of the calcium in the body.

For example, if you have diabetes, your whole body is inflamed, so where does the calcium go? Everywhere. One of the causes of Alzheimers is calcium in the vessels of the brain. With the Vitamin K2 you get in Cardio Miracle, the calcium is instead directed to the most critical places.

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Scot:  Do you have calcium in the product? 

John:  No, because we don’t need it. Because we have adequate magnesium, it stimulates the better absorption of the calcium you’re getting and then the K2 helps direct the calcium to where it belongs. This is what people don’t understand. The reason you get osteoporosis is because you have inflammation, so the closest source of calcium for your body to use to fight inflammation is your skeletal system. Your problem is inflammation, not bones being brittle.They’re getting brittle because it’s sucking all the calcium out to go fight the inflammation wars like the forest fires in Utah are calling on fire fighters from other states to fight the inferno.

When you get periodontal disease, you’re losing the bone because the inflammation in your gums is looking for the closest source of calcium. Instead of taking it out of your spine, it’s taking it out of your jaw. Periodontal disease is fighting inflammation with jaw calcium, and the rest of your body is fighting inflammation, essentially becoming osteoporosis.

If you get adequate vitamin D and adequate vitamin C and adequate magnesium, your body is producing healthy blood and you’re getting adequate calcium levels. When you reduce inflammation, your body is not having to draw on your reserves of calcium from your bones to fight the forest fire. That’s why inflammation is really a big deal.

Scot:  I love to exercise. I love to hike and bike and walk. I used to be more of a runner.  I want to live a long, healthy and productive life. So, how does this help me as an athlete to improve my game?

John:  One of the greatest benefits of stimulating Nitric Oxide and therapeutic vitamin D is that when you heal capillary inflammation and dilate the arteries, you have increased blood flow, that should help the rest of the body be more functional. Everyone is always looking for more blood flow, which is more oxygen. It’s been proven in the labs that people on Nitric Oxide and Cardio Miracle in particular, have increased their oxygen uptake by over 25% just by dilating the capillaries and also opening up the capillary beds in the lungs.

One of the first places that people end up with atherosclerosis or plaque is in their lungs. It’s in those tiny little oxygen capillaries that are in the lungs. That’s why people get shortness of breath, that’s why they get asthma, you know, they have wheezing.That’s why when they have a problem when it’s smoky outside, they’re not getting enough oxygen in these little capillary beds in the lungs. Nitric Oxide dilates and opens up those capillaries to deliver more oxygen.

Now any good athlete will tell you, it’s all about oxygen absorption. For people as they get older, if they are not getting adequate oxygen absorption, they have to go on supplemental oxygen, especially if they live at higher altitudes.

It’s just common sense. If you’re increasing arterial blood flow with its resulting delivery of oxygen, you’re going to be able to perform better. Most athletes are looking for that extra edge to get a little more oxygen. That’s why when you see people in the middle of a hockey game, they’re putting oxygen on them to help them to be able to perform. So, increased blood flow and oxygen is critical to athletic performance.

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Scot:  What is the impact of Cardio Miracle on the lymphatic system? 

John:  The next critical thing that is often overlooked is that if you’re improving your blood flow and you’re healing your vessels, you’re also healing your lymphatic vessels. Your lymphatic vessels have no heart to pump. The heart pumps out everything for the capillaries, whereas the lymphatic starts out at your extremities and has to pump its own way back in to eventually join the arteries to eventually be cleaned and sifted out through the kidneys, getting rid of the toxic waste. They’re the garbage collectors of the body.

Most people when they’re chronically ill have seriously comprised lymphatic systems. That’s why they get swelling in their ankles. That’s why they get swelling in their stomach. They’re filling up with toxins because their lymphatic system isn’t working well. One of the not-so-well-known aspects of Nitric Oxide is that it stimulates the lymphatic system and the contraction of the lymph nodes—the regulatory aspect of the lymphatic system—that it contracts three to five times greater with Nitric Oxide. That’s a published fact, a scientific fact.

If your blood flow is greater, then your lymphatic system is working better and that means that you’re able to recover faster from exertion or exercise. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but most people that are now on Cardio Miracle are able to do 30-50% more than they were doing before, and they feel like they’re recovering in half the time. And that’s because the lymphatic response is moving the ammonia and the toxic waste in the body that you get when you exercise before it becomes lactic acid, which causes the soreness.

Scot:  I was just going to ask if it had a direct effect on lactic acid.

John:  It has a dramatic impact. Athletes know that sometimes it takes them days to overcome a workout. Cardio Miracle changes that. I’ve had many tell me that after a triathlon, they can get back on the bike or in the pool the next day, and that’s been shocking to them.

The lactic acid and ammonia side of the lymphatic system is really almost the secret sauce or the secret benefit to an athlete.  Athletes have told me they can do more because they don’t have to wait for the downtime of the recovery because of the lactic acid issue.

Scot:  I hear you say a lot about blood flow. I want to ask a question now about the topic of ED or erectile dysfunction, which is a major issue for some to the point that help for this is a multi-billion dollar industry. Does it have any effect on that?

John:  Of course it does because of increased blood flow and oxygen. The good news is, there’s no toxic side effects. The reality is the toxic side effects of the ED medications are significant because they over-stimulate and there’s nothing to buffer their effects.  They solve the problem, but in some cases create a bigger problem. Blood flow is blood flow, oxygen is oxygen. Healing those capillaries in both men’s and women’s private areas bring amazing results. We have hundreds if not thousands of people who said they’ve had a better physically intimate life since they’ve been taking the product than they have had in years.

Scot:  You have alluded to neuropathy two or three times, but I understand that neuropathy, once you have it, is kind of a done deal. Your nerves are dead and that’s what you’re going to deal with the rest of your life. But I get the sense from you that this whole process that Nitric Oxide initiates can help with neuropathy. Tell me more about the neuropathy connection.

John:  I can tell you from one of my customers and good friends that his neuropathy was so bad, he couldn’t golf anymore. At 70 years old, he couldn’t golf or do any major exercise any more. Now, after being on the product for six months, he’s back golfing 3-4 days a week. He says his neuropathy has virtually been reversed.  So the answer is yes, it does help.

What neuropathy is, is merely arthrosclerosis of the nerve endings in your extremities. They’re not getting adequate blood flow; they’re not getting adequate nutrients; they’re not getting adequate oxygen; and that’s why they die.So, I can tell you that when you go on a Nitric Oxide supplement, your toenails will be growing faster, the hair on your legs will start growing again.

My mother-in-law’s neuropathy was so bad that her legs were the color of eggplant and she would hobble around the house. Now, after a year of taking Cardio Miracle, the hair on her legs has started to grow back, she no longer has leg pain, and her neuropathy has improved.

If the cells are replicating on a healthy basis, and you’re getting adequate blood flow, the body will heal itself in many aspects. So, the reality is, does it reverse everything immediately? No, because diet, emotional issues, genetics, all of those things might be a participant, but if you’re feeding the capillaries, you’re healing the inflammation throughout the entire system by having sustained, daily therapeutic Nitric Oxide and these other vitamins and minerals, that’s improving it.

Nitric Oxide helps support the body to heal itself.

Think how widespread neuropathy is.  What happens to women and men in their fingers—carpal tunnel, neuropathy in their hands, arthritis in their hands, cold feet, neuropathy in their feet, problems with their feet. What is happening with peripheral artery disease is the inflammation of peripheral arteries or capillaries. The small little capillaries are clogging up and bacteria isn’t getting out.

When the lymphatic system isn’t working properly, you end up with periodontal disease. With wet and dry macular degeneration, the smallest little capillaries are clogged up.

What about Alzheimer’s, what is that? Same thing. Smallest capillaries in the body, again, are in the same types of sensitive areas; furthest distance away from the heart, first places to go. What happens? The lymphatic system’s not getting rid of the garbage so the little protein tangles start gathering, you’re not getting the toxic biofilms out.

Your brain every night squeezes itself out like a sponge and detoxifies, gets smaller in the night, that’s what it does, but if the lymphatic system is clogged, those little capillaries are clogged, if it’s not getting adequate blood flow of nutrients, what’s going to happen? All of the sudden, those tangles start accumulating and they start settling and become a biofilm, they start smothering and killing parts of your brain.

If you can keep the blood and oxygen flowing, if you can keep the lymphatic system critically working to get rid of the waste products, you’re going to eliminate all of those peripheral artery types of things.People only think about their feet in neuropathy or maybe their genitals in erectile dysfunction or maybe their eyes if they’ve got macular degeneration. The mouth with periodontal disease is also an issue. And a growing number of people are now getting Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s all related to circulation, oxygen, blood flow and the lymphatic response to help clear out the garbage as we completely ruin our bodies by environmental problems, eating problems, and stress problems.

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Scot:  John, tell me about how this can help a diabetic. We’ve got a lot of readers who are diabetic and they’re constantly looking for ways to help themselves because it’s a miserable disease and it has lots of kissing cousin diseases like heart disease and strokes and kidney failure and retinal problems.

John:  All diabetics should be paying attention more than anyone else to this. Inflammation is what breaks down your insulin receptors and they’re now proving that vitamin D and Nitric Oxide help heal the insulin receptors. Now, does it heal and turn around a dead pancreas? We can’t go there yet. We don’t know exactly the impact on a pancreas that’s been out of action for years. But, we do know that the major issue with diabetes is diet. People worry about the sugar in their blood because that’s what they’ve been taught in modern medicine: all you need to worry about is the sugar.

The sugar is what causes the inflammation, which causes the degradation of the capillaries and the arterial walls, which is what leads to the blindness, a complication of diabetes, which leads to the neuropathy that gets so out of control that literally, the vessels below the knee are gone.

What Nitric Oxide, and vitamin C and vitamin D and all of these great therapeutic ingredients can do is help minimize and help manage the complications of diabetes. They can help level out the blood sugar.

The key thing with diabetes is that it’s mainly cardiovascular complications that are the ones that everyone wants to avoid in any way possible. But they spend all their time worrying about the sugar, which is important, but it’s just a symptom. The systemic thing they need to worry about is inflammation at the capillaries or the vessel level. Nitric Oxide, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B, all those things and the anti-inflammatories help heal the inflammatory condition that gives us all the horrible side effects and complications.

Scot:  Is this flying in the face of traditional medicine for those of us who only want to do what our doctor tells us to do? 

John:  The science is there. The medicine is on our side. Even when you take other supplements or medications, they are more effective because the Nitric Oxide will open up your capillaries to receive what they’re getting more effectively.

For eleven years, I’ve devoted my life to this. I made plenty of money in my life. This is not about that. It is about giving something to people that will change their lives. It is so important because it gives people back their agency when they’re in charge of their own health.


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