One of the biggest factors in healing from an addiction is community. Emi Bass is a student at Brigham Young University and wanted to do something to support those struggling with pornography addiction after being directly impacted by it in a former relationship. So, she decided to start a club. COVID hit and the club went to Zoom and has stayed there, as it became a safe place for those who are struggling to find community. Listen as I talk with Emi about her inspiring journey to create a space to share resources, hope, and friendship with those impacted by pornography. In this episode, we discuss:

  • What inspired Emi to start the Un-Alone club
  • The ways the Un-Alone club offers support
  • Her doubts and reservations about starting a club like this
  • The response she’s had from club members
  • The impact this has had on her personally
  • Future plans for the club
  • How we can support those who struggle

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BIO: Emi Bass is a senior at BYU, studying Classical Civilization. She’s from Tennessee and rock climbs too much. She’s spent the last year working to follow some inspiration that has resulted in the BYU Un-Alone Club, a group where those working to overcome pornography—and those that support them—can come for shame-free connection and helpful resources.