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After President Russell M. Nelson’s invitation to participate in two worldwide fasts, people of other faiths joined together with members of our Church—both those who haven’t stepped foot in a church for years and those who attend every Sunday—to plead with heaven for relief from COVID-19. And while the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, miracles have undoubtedly taken place.

The stories began to roll in even before the fast—witnesses of the power of fasting. For some, the fast brought healing of a physical nature and for others, it seemed to summon spiritual healing. With permission, here are just a few of our favorite stories that have been shared on a Worldwide Fast Facebook page. Some have provided additional context to their individual stories and some have been edited for clarity.

For some, the fast brought hope for those who have been impacted directly by the virus that has taken the world by storm.

Mayra del Carmen and her husband are both doctors in different cities in their country of Ecuador. They were sealed just six months ago in the Guayaquil Ecuador Temple. While separated from her husband who is working in a hospital directly with COVID-19 patients, Mayra has fasted every five days—each day her husband has a 24-hour shift in the hospital. She says her husband has had many experiences where he has felt the help of the Spirit. Both she and her husband are converts to the Church but as she said in a Facebook post, “We have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things.”

A victim of COVID-19, Kate Birk shared the following, “My husband and I found out we have COVID-19 just yesterday morning, the day before the worldwide fast. My chest has felt really tight for about a week, among other symptoms. It’s like a big belt was squeezing me. But this morning I woke up and felt relief! The belt was gone. I know we’re not done with this yet, but I want to thank all of you. I could feel the power of your fasts today.”

Overwhelmed by the kind response, Birk later added an edit, “I’m tearing up with all these sweet comments. Thanks so much. We’re still praying for you all, too.”

Kim G. Bohne Landeen wrote:

“6 months ago I was fighting for my life in the Emergency Room after hemorrhaging. Two weeks before I had given birth to a beautiful little girl. I remember being so scared that I would not see my daughters again. Feelings of anger swept over me as I listened to the doctors calling for yet another transfusion as they fought to slow the flow of blood. Nothing seemed to be working. No medication, no amount of pressure, no intervention. After doing all they could they made the decision to preform an emergency surgery. As they began to roll me out of the room I had them pause and asked my husband to call on the powers of heaven to intercede in my behalf.

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