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A radical feminist constitutional amendment that could dramatically change the country may be on the verge of passing.

Virginia’s now Democrat-controlled legislature is back in session, and there’s a strong chance it will pass the Equal Rights Amendment, which purports to grant equal rights to women under the Constitution.

The amendment has passed the Virginia Senate and could be passed by the House soon.

The ERA effort dates back nearly 100 years. It was passed by the House in 1971 and the Senate in 1972.

Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly led a movement that effectively killed the passage of the ERA in the 1970s, but proponents of the amendment use dubious legal theories to argue that the amendment is still alive, and that Virginia would be the 38th state needed to ratify the amendment.

Heritage Foundation legal scholar Thomas Jipping noted that the key question is whether the amendment is still alive. He wrote in a report:

The issue is whether the 1972 ERA remains pending before the states. If ERA advocates are correct that it is, then additional states may ratify it. If the [Congressional Research Service] is correct that it is not, then additional states cannot ratify it because the 1972 ERA no longer exists.

Jipping concluded that since Congress has the authority to set the deadline, which it did for the 1972 ERA, when the deadline passes the amendment effectively doesn’t exist.

This means ERA proponents have to start from scratch, which the Justice Department has argued as well.

However, that doesn’t mean that activist judges won’t uphold the ratification. 

Regardless of legality, the ERA is bad news on its merits.

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