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Three temples in South America — two in Peru and one in Bolivia — are the latest temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to begin offering both living and proxy ordinances.

Meanwhile, one temple is returning to operations after having been paused because of local COVID-19 precautions, while another is being paused because of local pandemic conditions.

After closing all 168 temples worldwide in late March 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Church continues to reopen its temples and advance their operations in a careful and cautious four-phase plan.

Counting all the current and projected temples and districts operating in Phase 3, including several that have temporarily paused operations because of local COVID-19 conditions, 150 of the Church’s 168 temples — or 89.3% — are designated now to be offering all living and proxy ordinances.

Add in the additional temples operating or projected to be operating in Phase 2-B and offering proxy baptisms and confirmations, and that makes 157 of the Church’s 168 temples — or 93.5% — offering at least some proxy ordinances in addition to all living ordinances by month’s end.

With the updates published Tuesday, Sept. 7, the following temples will be moving to Phase 3 operations as early as Sept. 14, offering all living and proxy ordinances:

  • Cochabamba Bolivia Temple
  • Lima Peru Temple
  • Trujillo Peru Temple

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