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“Trust in the Lord” — an ancient Old Testament verse that is, at once, an invitation, a commandment and a peaceful assurance.

It is also the Church’s 2022 youth theme.

During the worldwide Face to Face broadcast Wednesday, March 9, the Young Women and Young Men general presidencies asked young people from across the globe what it means to follow Proverbs 3:5 and place their trust in God.

The youth event lived up to its billing, with Young Women General President Bonnie H. Cordon and Young Men General President Steven J. Lund, along with their counselors, engaging face to face with their young friends.

Their faith-anchored discussions were enriched by music and dance. 

Following two years of pandemic-prompted social distancing, the youth leaders and the other participants were clearly enthused to share one another’s company in person.

“Our theme today — for the whole year — is ‘Trust in the Lord,’” said one of the program’s youth co-hosts, Kaylee Guillen. “It’s part of our ongoing effort to strive to be like Jesus Christ in every part of our lives.”

Her fellow youth co-host, Joe Kennaley, added that the broadcast is intended to go beyond simply reading from Proverbs. “We’re going to find out what it looks like, in your life and mine, to trust in the Lord.”

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