With Jeb Bush’s numbers anemic and Donald Trump leading in Republican polls, will Mitt jump back into the race? Here’s some articles that speculate about that.

Mitt Romney is thinking about 2016 run to take out Trump

There are reports from political insiders that Mitt Romney is considering a 2016 run for the Presidency.

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone recently sent out a tweet, regarding the rumor, stating, “With the weak performance of @JebBush my sources tell me @MittRomney is reconsidering getting in.”

How Mitt Romney Will Become America’s 45th President

Mitt Romney chose not to run in 2016, and why should he have? Republicans didn’t want to nominate the guy who lost the last time around, and golden candidates like Jeb BushScott Walker, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Rand PaulTed Cruz, and Marco Rubio were going to suck up all the oxygen anyway.

Surely the one thing that had zero influence on his decision not to run was the possibility of a Donald Trump candidacy. Back when Romney decided, everyone knew Trump wasn’t really going to run, and if he did, he’d be nothing more than an entertaining sideshow. No one (save Trump!) predicted he’d rocket to double-digit leads over the entire field thanks to a series of racist outbursts that would be considered campaign-ending gaffes for any other candidate.

Now Donald Trump, once considered a joke and still actually a joke, might be the Republican nominee for president. And with 16 other candidates in the race, he could win that nomination without ever taking a majority of votes in any single primary state

People Beginning to Fantasize About 2016 Plot Twist in Which Mitt Romney Saves the Day

Former Trump advisor Roger Stone went on CNN this weekend and said that he heard that Romney was thinking of getting into the race — and that someone definitely needed to get Jeb Bush a cheeseburger because his hunger was clearly making him boring. Bill Kristol wrote on Saturday, “Shouldn’t Republicans be open to doing what Democrats are now considering? That is: Welcoming into the race, even drafting into the race if need be, one or two new and potentially superior candidates?” (He offered Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito as an option, however, not Romney.)

Last week, the Washington Post published an article noting that Romney had stayed “relatively silent” on Trump mania. “A potentially powerful voice in countering Trump, he has resisted weighing in at length, though friends said he has been monitoring the summer maneuvering with interest. He declined an interview request.”