We have celebrated with the colorful flags of Pride for a month, and move on to celebrate the red, white and blue of America for a single day. This lopsidedness is no surprise as the issues that Pride celebrates have captured most of America’s major institutions.

Most people who fly the rainbow flag do it out of a misguided idea that in this way they can support those who have same-sex orientation or are transgender.  It is love and tolerance that pulls them in.

Yet the Pride Flag only pretends to be about love and tolerance. In reality, it is about so much more, an undoing of America’s Judeo-Christian foundation, and replacing it with a religion of its own that is hostile to the Christian religion, morality, and an America that embraced free speech. Now, we all know there are some things we can’t say or be punished or canceled. Best stay quiet as our nation loses everything that has made it a shining city on a hill.

So, in this month our children will be exposed to drag shows, books in their school libraries that are so graphic that no newscaster would read them aloud, a hammering of the joys of alternative sexual practices and orientation. Our streets will be filled with naked men riding bicycles during Pride parades. In one parade in New York City, they chanted, “We’re here. We’re queer. We’re coming for your children.” The Sisters of Perpetual indulgence who mock the Catholics and blaspheme God and his crucifixion were honored at a Los Angeles Dodger’s game. The Cleveland clinic, renowned for its excellence in health treatment, now has joined in the transgender movement and calls women AFAB (assigned female at birth).

The National School Boards Association called parents terrorists who come to school board meetings to protest what is taught at school. In Glendale, California a high percentage of parents pulled their kids out of school on June 2, when the school held an LGBTQ+ day, complete with pledge cards. The terrorist group, Antifa, rallied their group to come to the next school board meeting where this was discussed, labeling the parents who were concerned as part of “hate groups.”

The rainbow is not so light-hearted and just as it purports. It is time to acknowledge as Ben Shapiro said, that at the heart of pride is “not a call for equality, but a call for revolution. The Pride movement was always a call for a replacement of historic tried and true cultural norms with new untried and risky cultural norms.”

It is a cult, a religion, a replacement of the Judeo-Christian ideas on which this nation was born with a new gospel that claims tolerance while it acts as an authoritarian dictating what you can and cannot say or do. It seeks to rewrite our history, our literature, our way of thinking, our mental structures, our families and certainly our sense of morality.

During June, the rainbow flag displaced the American flag at the White House. It has the center place, and American flags have been moved to [i]either side. The rainbow flag also has a new design to accommodate the transgender (pink and white stripes) and racial minorities (brown and black stripes.

The flag is designed around a worldview—that there are the oppressed, and whenever there is the oppressed, there is always the oppressor. Whereas our American dream has been e pluribis unum, meaning, “out of many one,” this new replacement philosophy divides people. It is about smashing power differentials which they see as the entire Western culture that has been created over centuries. We all know what we must do to oppressors—destroy them.

While we can all acknowledge that where there has been discrimination, there must be solutions. Our nation was built on the idea that its flaws could be mended and mechanisms were put in place to do just that. Yet what the rainbow flag and all it represents says is that everything that has contributed to creating a difference in power and opportunity must be ultimately undone and destroyed. All of the institutions and way of thinking that has been created including the Judeo-Christian founding, must be deconstructed. Every institution, paradigm, cultural understanding, way of thinking must be refashioned or blasted apart to make room for this new religion.

It should be no surprise that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence with their hatred of religion should be honored by what used to be the all-American baseball team, the Dodgers. This new religion seeks to send an earthquake through America’s founding and thinking and replace it all together—and it continually shows that it has the muscle to do that.

When you talk to friends, they seem to feel the uneasiness of our times, but often they don’t comprehend what is happening before their eyes that causes such uneasiness. Jesse Kelly wrote, “You no doubt see it every day on your television screens. In the news you read. In the entertainment you consume…In the syllabus your son or daughter brings home from school. You can practically taste it in the air around you. A bitter cocktail of divisiveness, self-hatred, perpetual victimhood and degeneracy.”

Communism in Russia was undergirded by the idea of oppressed and oppressor, but in their case, the question was economic. The oppressed was the working class.

In America, this new cultural Marxism that is creeping into our society has a different set of the oppressed—racial and sexual minorities. Many of those who wave this flag may not realize they are forwarding cultural Marxism, but they are certainly clear that they want to degrade America’s institutions. They believe you can’t build and restructure something unless you deconstruct it first.

They are called the woke, and it is a good name because the rest of us act like we are nearly asleep to rise up and stop them from making America a place we don’t recognize.

The Founding 

Where the country is concerned, these far-left progressives find a way to rewrite history, to accentuate flaws instead of strengths, to deride religion and God and then call that American history. They are about a cultural destruction.

Nikole Hannah-Jones in the 1619 Project claims the founding fathers of America waged a war of independence to protect their practice of slavery. Names we have reverenced including Abraham Lincoln receive criticism. Many historians both on the left and right objected to how the 1619 Project played fast and loose with its facts and conclusions, but that wasn’t sufficient to halt its march to receiving the Pulitzer Prize and then become a core of American history teaching in our schools and universities.

Does this denigration work? Oh, it does.

Jesse Kelly wrote:

What if I showed up at your front door today, rang the doorbell, and asked you if I could burn your house to the ground? Would you let me?

Of course not. You’d probably call the cops and/or stick a gun in my face. You’d have good reason to do so. You love your home. Your home has value to you. You have memories in your home. There are pictures, plates, furniture and decorations in there that are precious to you…Your house is where you sleep at night. It’s where you grew up. It’s where you raised your family. It’s where you celebrated birthdays and holidays. You won’t let me burn down your home because you are moored to your home.

But then, Kelly says, this person who is trying to unmoor you from your home may venture into your home and say that you didn’t know the entire truth about your grandparents whose pictures hang on the wall. He might notice that your kitchen is dangerous because you “burned your hand on the oven rack. Then in the back yard, he might point out the tree your son fell from and broke his arm. Before you even get to the basement this critic yells, “Termite damage.”

At this point, notes Kelly, “You might tell the Communist how awful a guest he’s been and kick him out of your house…But another thought might creep into your mind: maybe he’s right.”

“He’s convinced you to hate it so the next time he shows up at your front door, you’ll be begging him to set a match to the place.”

Carl M. Cannon, Washington Bureau Chief of RealClearPolitics[ii] wrote of the riots of the summer of 2020, complete with the toppling of many statues. He said:

So it turns out that the protests, riots, and monument desecrations that engulfed a hundred American cities in the spring and summer of 2020 had little to do with the Confederate flag. They weren’t really about Robert E. Lee statues, either, though dozens of Lee monuments were toppled. They weren’t about schools named after other Southern icons, or stray handman’s noses, outdated sports mascots, and institutions honoring slaveholding Founding Fathers. Ultimately, they weren’t even about police brutality;

Amid the rubble and smoke, it became clear that our new national fault line is not over Confederate symbols or any emblem of Southern white culture. The fault line is over the U.S. flag and the republic for which it stands…

A generation of Americans has been taught to be ashamed of their country because of its past sins. Whether this is perceived as enlightened education or malevolent indoctrination depends on one’s age, race, religion and politics. What is undeniable is that some of it stuck. As a consequence, we are devolving into a nation being divided by educators, politicians and the press—often for purposes of market share—into warring tribes.

Cannon notes that mobs, “imbued with their own half-truths” rioted in one hundred cities in 2020 and toppled or defaced many statues and monuments, including those to Francis Scott Key, Ulysses S. Grant and Miguel de Cervantes.

To add to the frenzy the San Francisco school board “cited Wikipedia references to justify renaming 44 schools with names like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Paul Revere.

In the Christchurch in Alexandria where George Washington used to attend, his picture has been removed. One woman explained why, “It made us feel unsafe.”

To destroy monuments or replace the American flag with another is not a small thing. Flags and monuments mean something to people. They symbolize their love for home, and the meaning of the idea that has always been America. It is the reason why people run through our borders and hope for asylum. America is not a landscape, but an idea, where everyone matters in equality for all.

The far-left progressives want equity not equality, and these two words which are so much the same have radically different outcomes. Equality means that everyone has an equal opportunity. Equity means everyone has an equal outcome. You can’t have equal outcomes unless a government has strong-armed goods, land, opportunities and skills away from one group in favor of another.  That means government has become a heavy, intrusive invader in your life, to favor this alternate ideal.


Language matters because it is how you organize your understanding. It teaches you where to look and how to feel, what’s real and what doesn’t exist. In this way, it expands or shrinks your understanding. We don’t think about what we don’t have a word for. The word marriage is an interesting example. The word marriage used to mean the wedding of a husband and a wife. Then you had to call it “traditional marriage” to be understood. Now you can’t use language that would suggest that this kind of marriage is the norm without being offensive and people aren’t getting married as they used to.

A student at the University of Cincinnati was failed by her professor because she used the phrase “biological woman.” https://www.foxnews.com/media/college-gender-studies-professor-allegedly-fails-student-using-banned-term-biological-women How was she to refer to a woman since that term is now offensive?

Vico Perrone, an incoming Massachusetts school superintendent had his job rescinded when he addressed two women on the school’s committee as “ladies” in an email. The women said using the term “ladies” was hostile and derogatory and a micro aggression.

Liam Morrison, who is a seventh-grade student at John T. Nichols, Jr. Middle School in Scarborough Massachusetts wore a shirt to school that said, “There are only two genders” In March 2023, Liam shared his beliefs by wearing a T-shirt with his message, but during the first class of the day, Liam was removed by the school principal,” according to Allliance Defending Freedom.

“Liam has been unable to wear either message on his shirt since that time, even though the messages caused no disruptions and simply stated his beliefs. School officials are violating Liam’s First Amendment rights by preventing him from expressing his beliefs because they disagree with them. Alliance Defending Freedom wrote:

Nichols Middle School has no problem allowing students to express beliefs about gender and sexuality when it agrees with those beliefs. In fact, it encourages students to express those beliefs. But the school is actively preventing Liam from expressing his beliefs on the very same issue.

Beware if you do or say anything that the cultural Marxists don’t like. They are authoritarians and will not let you speak.

Style Guidelines

The Associated Press just issued new guidelines for journalists. Here’s what they say:

In a classic example of “1984”-style doublethink, good journalists are required to abide by transgender ideology, while denying that such an ideology exists. AP’s most recent style guide update—published Thursday—instructs them to use a person’s “preferred” pronouns, deny that sex is a biological fact recognized at or before birth, and use the euphemism “gender-affirming care” when describing experimental medical interventions that leave patients stunted, scarred, and infertile.

Rewriting the work of famous authors to comply with far leftist ideology:

Just as history is being re-written, so the censors are making the rest of the world comply with their ideology. Thus, literature is being rewritten too. Of course, Dr. Seuss has been canceled, and a heavy editorial pen has been taken to Jane Austen, Roald Dahl and many others. Shakespeare is particularly offensive to these cultural Marxists, and he is blamed for developing the whole idea of “whiteness” because of his use of the word fair. Those who criticize Shakespeare note that the word “fair” shows up more than 900 times in his work.

Fair often refers to a woman and her beauty, but it had a rich variety of meanings. “So foul and fair a day I have not seen,” pronounces Macbeth in Troilus and Cressida, set during the Trojan War. Aeneas gets “fair leave” to bring a “fair message to the Greeks, while the fate of the Trojans depends on the “fair worth” of Hector.

A few years ago, The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Race was published. Perhaps we will see Shakespeare demoted as a product of racism?

So, all of this makes me want to rally around the red, white and blue, celebrate the founding, and be brave. I do not have to believe a lie, even if it is promulgated by the most established institutions of our country. I can seek to say the truth. I must not succumb to the idea that sexual license is OK, that I am cisgender because I was born a woman and identify as a woman. I don’t have to believe that the destruction of our sense of self in America is OK—because it isn’t.

Surprisingly, the best way you can tell your gay or transgender family member of friend may be to take down the Pride flag because the philosophy behind the flag is destructive and dangerous.

Elder Neal A. Maxwell said: Once a society loses the capacity to say some things are wrong per se, then it finds itself forever building temporary defenses, revising rationales, drawing new lines, but forever falling back and losing its nerve. A society which permits anything will eventually lose everything. (Ensign, October, 1978)

I cannot bear to be a spectator while our country, the great hope of the world and the creation of the Divine, is destroyed.


[i] Jesse Kelly, The Anti-Communist Manifesto, Simon and Schuster

[ii] Carl M. Cannon, “Amid our Civic War, We Must Rally ‘Round the Flag, Unum, Vol.1. Issue 1