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Senator Mike Lee and Representative Raul Labrador deserve kudos for shepherding the Left’s most disliked piece of legislation: The First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). I’m not fond of the name, but the substance is something every tolerant, decent, liberty-loving American should support. The bill would prevent the federal government from punishing any American for believing that marriage is the union of husband and wife and that sexual relations are properly reserved to marriage so understood.

Kelvin Cochran testified at the first congressional hearing for the bill on July 12. Cochran is the kind of man we all should be proud that America still produces: Through faith and hard work, he rose from hardscrabble poverty to become the chief of the Atlanta Fire Department and, by all accounts, a really good one. Cochran was fired after publishing a Bible-study book that included a one-paragraph rejection of all sexual sin, including homosexual sex.

“Equal rights, true tolerance, means, regardless of your position on marriage, you should be able to peaceably live out your beliefs and not suffer discrimination at the hands of the government,” Cochran told the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform.

“What an individual or organization believes about marriage is not, and never should be, any of the government’s business, and it certainly should never be part of the government’s eligibility rubric in distributing licenses, awarding accreditations, or issuing grants,” Mr. Lee said. “And the First Amendment Defense Act simply ensures that this will always remain true in America.”

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