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“Cui bono?” asked the ancients, whose wisdom we’d be foolish to toss aside. For by answering the question “Who benefits?” we may ascertain who is committing the crime that ails us.

The crime in question is the mayhem being visited on the college campuses and streets of America. Today the cause is Gaza, but our revolutionaries are nothing if not opportunists. This month they will disrupt graduations, but once campuses close for summer, they will head elsewhere and take up other causes.

It could be climate change, or police defunding, or the low-hanging fruits of race and sex.

These issues all roll into each other now with such ease that they have become an “all-encompassing omnicause.” That’s a term Mary Harrington used at UnHerd, after noting that Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who usually harangues us about the planet, has taken to donning a Palestinian-style keffiyeh.

Like thousands of other Americans, I attended a university graduation this week (in my case, at Columbia). I can attest that the demonstrators who disrupted the proceedings were a small minority whose antics were generally met with shouts of “Sit down!” But a determined, small minority can tear society to pieces. The Bolsheviks were a small minority.

So who benefits from this destabilization of America across several fronts? Its adversaries, of course.

The list is long because of American power and unique (exceptional) attachment to liberty, and it includes foes both foreign and domestic. Unsurprisingly, they often work in tandem.

The domestic enemies of the United States and its Constitution are well known. Any organization devoted to the big lie—i.e., that America is “systemically racist,” has a “regime of white supremacy,” or an “oppressive social order”—is by definition in opposition to America as it is presently constituted. Destabilization is one way to obtain the desired change.

The above phrases all come from the introduction to “Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings that Formed the Movement,” the foundational textbook of critical race theory. The impact that the discipline of critical race theory has had on how the omnicause is articulated cannot be overstressed.

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