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In a time where youth and young adults struggle to navigate the pressures of worldly ideas and values, contentions in society and the isolation brought on by the pandemic, the Church’s second-most senior leader expressed his love, appreciation and a blessing to those who strive to teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“I bless you as His servants, as His teachers, and as fathers and mothers in Zion, as worthy servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, to fulfill your responsibilities, to keep His commandments, to be great models of righteousness and teaching of true principles,” declared President Dallin H. Oaks, first counselor in the First Presidency. 

Speaking during a devotional broadcast to Church Educational System teachers and administrators and their spouses on June 4, President Oaks was joined by his wife, Sister Kristen M. Oaks, and other top administrators in Seminaries and Institutes of Religion to offer words of counsel and encouragement to the more than 55,000 teachers throughout the world. Friday night’s devotional was translated into roughly 20 languages. 

Among other topics, the group discussed the role of the Holy Ghost in the classroom, how to deal with contention or differences of opinion among students, helping students navigate the many influences of the world, how to best address difficult questions, what to do about cellphone use in the classroom and how to ensure that a classroom is a haven of peace and safety.

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