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As the general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints approaches, President Russell M. Nelson continues to offer invitations to members around the world to enlist in living more Christ-centered lives.

In the midst of a global pandemic, economic challenges and much uncertainty, the Prophet is beckoning all to “come join the ranks.” He knows when members enlist, join together and lock arms in facing the challenges of the day, all are blessed. This weekend leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ will summon the faithful to summon their best in continuing the journey to discipleship.

Faithful members regularly stand up and voluntarily enlist to serve and sacrifice. When hearing the word “enlist,” I recall how Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, in his October 2011 general conference address, so passionately posed the call to enlist to holders of the priesthood. As I listened to this mighty Apostle’s clarion call, I could see in my mind’s eye bold and valiant disciples down through the ages courageously stepping forward to answer the appeal.

I thought of the stripling warriors confidently enlisting in the cause, Captain Moroni rending his coat and raising the title of liberty as a rallying cry for all to enlist. I saw Mary and Sariah, Ruth and Naomi, Emma and Eliza enlist, lead and faithfully follow when summoned by the Master. I humbly envisioned the Savior himself enlisting to carry out his Father’s plan by declaring “Here am I, send me!”

I am thankful for disciples past and present — women and men — who have shown such courage, confidence and faith as they enlist in the service of the Master.

I wish, however, to address the rest of us.

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