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Against the backdrop of a painting of the Savior teaching His disciples, Elder Ulisses Soares of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles testified to a young adult audience that Jesus Christ is the source of peace and joy in a challenging world.

“Coming unto Him does not tie us down or limit our freedom,” he told Brigham Young University-Idaho students. “Rather, it gives us reason for firm hope and provides a solid anchor to our souls, giving us a lasting inner peace that we need to live in these days and find rest in Him. …

“I testify to you that as we rely upon the rock of salvation, the Savior of our souls, and act in faith on His invitation to come and find rest in Him, we will be strengthened to deal with our struggles, our weaknesses and our temptations, and He will increase our capacity to feel a consistent peace in every circumstance of our lives.”

Elder Soares and his wife, Sister Rosana Soares, emphasized finding joy and peace through the Savior — especially amid adversity — in answering questions from a panel of students during a BYU-Idaho devotional on Sunday, May 16. 

The devotional was broadcast from the Church Office Building lobby in Salt Lake City, attended by some 50 BYU-Idaho students who live in the Salt Lake area and are either currently taking online classes or are off track. BYU-Idaho President Henry J. Eyring conducted the devotional; his wife, Sister Kelly Eyring, was also present.

Seeing trials through ‘the eyes of faith’

A student named Anna asked, “How can I make my prayers more meaningful when I am seeking answers or guidance in life?”

When struggling with a problem and not getting an answer, Sister Soares said, it is easy to ask, “What could be wrong?”

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