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Religious freedom is fundamental to societal well-being, and protecting all faiths is critical, wrote Elder Quentin L. CookElder D. Todd Christofferson and Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in separate social media posts commemorating National Religious Freedom Day.

Elder Cook said his plea is that all religions work together to defend faith and religious freedom — to protect people of diverse faith as well as those of no faith. “Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews, Muslims, Latter-day Saints, and other faiths must be part of a coalition of faiths that succor, act as a sanctuary, and promulgate religious freedom across the world,” he wrote.

Elder Cook outlined how religious accountability benefits secular society, because people of faith are inspired to perform good works on behalf of others: “The humanitarian efforts of religious-based organizations can do things beyond what others can do,” he said.

Elder Christofferson explained that religious conscience leads to good citizenship, by encouraging virtues and habits such as honesty, duty, service, sacrifice and civic engagement. 

“The freedom of religious people and institutions to function according to their faith and beliefs is fundamental to societal well-being,” Elder Christofferson wrote. “Religion benefits not only believers but all of society, including nonbelievers.”

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