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Latter-day Saints and missionaries in Bolivia are taking precautions to stay safe during ongoing civil unrest following a violently-contested presidential election.

“All the missionaries are well,” reported Elder Enrique R. Falabella, a General Authority Seventy who presides over the South America Northwest Area, in a Tuesday email to the Church News. “We have opened a chat group with the mission presidents and (Area) Seventies to exchange updated information.” 

Missionaries serving in Bolivia are limiting their proselytizing activities to areas near their homes — and only if the situation is safe, he added.

“All missionaries have food in the homes and are being cared for by the members.”

There were no reports of injuries among Latter-day Saints and no Church buildings have been damaged during the civil unrest.

Bolivia’s former president Evo Morales departed the country on Monday, Nov. 11 — a day after his resignation as president following mass protests and military intervention prompted by allegations of “serious irregularities” during last month’s presidential elections, CNN reported.

To read the full article on the Church News, CLICK HERE.