Latter-day Saint sisters Kamri (14) and Sara (19) perform a song written by their father Ben Arkell in a new music video. He says he wrote, “God Gives Thanks for You” as a reminder to all five of his daughters of their divine worth.

“I want them to know they have a purpose and a plan. I want them to know that they are God’s greatest creation – even if the world tells them differently. I want them to know that God gives thanks for them.”

Here is a sample of the lyrics:

He made all the stars that shine up above
He created the beating heart that fills us with love
He’s Master of Universe, Father of All
You’re His greatest creation even when you feel small

Your beauty, your smile, divinity, grace
He looks down from heaven and sees your dear face
And it’s hard to imagine, your mind fights the truth
But somewhere in heaven God give thanks for you

Free sheet music for the song is available here.