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Cheryl Stewart is a cancer survivor who works at Teton High School in Driggs, Idaho as a lunch lady, in addition to cleaning the U.S. Forest Service Building and the local seminary building for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She spends every waking minute working, all to support her husband who is also currently recovering from cancer in addition to struggling with lupus.

She is clearly someone deserving of a break, but can’t afford to take one, even having to schedule a foot surgery over Christmas because she can’t take any additional time off. On top of everything else, she lost the engine on her only vehicle and has had to borrow one from her parents. Finally, a Secret Santa decided to step in and help this deserving lady with the assistance of East Idaho News.

Her reaction and her gratitude are priceless and just emphasize how deserving she is of this gift of relief at this wonderful time of year. See the full video below: