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Come with us on the adventure of a lifetime as we explore the best candidate for Nephi’s Bountiful in Oman. In the next few days, we will give you the details to take you there with us for an armchair journey to a green beach on the edge of the Arabian Sea where archaeologists are digging. Watch for continuing updates in the days ahead. If you missed the Day 1 report, please click here. If you missed the Day 2 report, click here.

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This work is sponsored by the Khor Kharfot Foundation and under the direction of Dr. F. Richard Hauck and his Archaeological Research Institute. (ARI). This entire project in Oman is being done by private contributions.  To participate, please click here and click on the DONATE NOW button in the upper right.

Walking around an archaeological site with Dr. F. Richard Hauck is like putting on a completely new set of eyes. He sees things that we just can’t see. He’s had a lifetime of training in spotting the slightest change in the landscape and seeing the tiniest anomaly in an alignment of rocks or the patterns in a valley. He can quickly discern manmade vs. natural. When you’re walking around the best candidate for Nephi’s Bountiful he’s a real handy guy to have around.

We first met Dr. Hauck (Ric) about 28 years ago. Since that time we’ve come to know him very well. He’s a world-class expert on the Book of Mormon. He is a wonderful balance of knowledge and intuition. He is delightful to be around and fascinating to be with in the field.

We interviewed him onsite at Khor Kharfot, right at the place of the potential holy sanctuary. Click on the video to have further understanding of this discovery.