Utah may not consume as much alcohol, tobacco, and coffee as other states, but it consumes more candy than any other state, according to sales data from The Hershey Co.

According Hershey, Utahans consume a lot of the company’s licorice Twizzlers, in both red and chocolate, with the red preferred, said Lisha Bassett, sales manager for Hershey’s Salt Lake City District.

On average about $15,000 worth of candy is sold for every $1 million of total grocery sales. But in Utah, the number goes up to $23,000 worth of candy.

According to Bob Goodpaster, Hershey’s chief global knowledge officer, the Hershey Pennsylvania District (where  company is headquartered, and there is a candy theme park and factory that attracts thousands of tourists a year), runs a close second to Utah.

Other statistical anomalies shared by Hershey:

* Customers in Minnesota buy six-packs of Hershey bars for their s’mores at higher rates than any other state, particularly in the summer. When Minnesota banned campfires due to a dry summer, chocolate bar sales dropped.

* Latinos like Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme bars in disproportionate numbers. But not just Latinos in the southwest. The number stays true in Latino dominant neighborhoods around the country.