Our family motto, while our children grew up, was “Try something new!”  Whether it was encouraging a toddler to be adventuresome and try something new at dinnertime, or a middle-schooler to be brave and join a club, that motto served us all well.   During that time, probably 2001 or 2002, I didn’t really have time to attend the monthly Relief Society Enrichment Night, but it was January, and our motto was freshly in mind for the New Year.  The mini-class was “reflexology”, which I knew nothing about.  It was an easy opportunity to implement “try something new” for myself and our family.

I was only moderately interested and attended to be supportive more than anything else.  I knew virtually nothing of “reflexology”, but the guest speaker – an LDS woman from another ward in the Stake, was impassioned and very informative, with lots of charts, on how the feet, head and hands encompass nerves that manage physical responses and health for all the body’s organs and systems.  She had become most specialized in the feet and taught us that by identifying the location of these nerves, (called dermatomes) and applying pressure or massaging with a certain technique, it was easy to make adjustments for pain relief and wellness.

She did a brief history comparing acupuncture and reflexology, and then we all took off our shoes and socks and did some practicing! There was a good deal of laughing, as a I recall.  I don’t remember her professional status or endeavors for this special knowledge, but it was a nice evening.  Period. Paragraph.  I had tried something new!

A couple of years later, our 16-year-old daughter, who had spent eight years and countless hours with a specialized orthodontist and oral surgeon to work out some extreme genetic dental issues, was finally ready for her final surgery.  It was a complicated multi-faceted surgery to both widen her upper palate and bring her lower jaw into alignment.  We had been told that her jaws would be wired shut for six weeks and were well prepared for all that that entailed – including the scary sensation that was often present in the first week of not being able to breathe.

When she came out of the surgery, it was pretty horrific.  Her face was incredibly swollen and bruised.  The fear of vomiting and the discomfort of not being able to eat or drink were miserable.  She was brave and good, but it was just awful.  Overwhelmed with it all, there were, indeed, incidents where she panicked with the feeling of not being able to even breathe.  Our hearts went out to her in those first few miserable days, and I was open to anything …. Anything at all to help relieve the suffering.

A light bulb went on and I remembered the Enrichment Night lesson on reflexology.  I sped to the library (this was before the Internet) and got some books.  I quickly located the pressure points on her feet that managed the sinus passageways and breathing, and started massaging per the book instructions.

It was amazing!  We could visibly watch her face relax as she was able to breathe better instantly.  Her breathing was vastly improved, and we were ever so grateful.  I massaged the points regularly over the next several days and had to admit that the doctors and their nurses had not been able to come up with an answer that was anywhere near as effective!  (And cheap!)

I became a believer, and far more open to believing in alternative methods for health and wellness.
Really, what did you have to lose by learning and massaging the points on your feet for health?

As the years have gone by and we have been blessed with marvelous people in our life who have special knowledge on alternative health products and practices, there have been several professional foot zoners or reflexologists.  With their skills, they can read the health of much of the body, and they often recommend our detox tea, as they  can tell, by these reflexology points that there is a need for cleaning the colon, liver, kidneys and blood.  Wow! What an amazing thing!

The history of reflexology is very interesting.  Though some believe it goes back to ancient China or Egypt, that history is difficult to prove.  What is documented, however is research in Europe and the United States going back to the 1870’s.

By the late 1890s and early 1900s massage techniques were developed in Germany that became known as ‘reflex massage’. This was the first time that the benefits of massage techniques were credited with reflex actions. Dr. Alfons Cornelius published a manuscript in Vienna in 1902 titled Pressure points, Their Origin and Significance. In this work he notes that the application of pressure incited changes in the body. He observed pressure to certain spots triggered muscle contraction, changes in blood pressure, variation in warmth and moisture in the body as well as directly affecting the ‘psychic processes’ or mental state of the patients. Cornelius puts forth his theory of how the application of pressure works: “(It is) a purely mechanical hindering of the sensitive neurons, the neurons of the sympathetic nerve system.” He also stated that conditions show themselves as sensitive pressure points and “introduce the picture of illness long before it is to be recognized as an expression of a neurological problem.”

As the years evolved, more investigation and research were pursued to develop “zone therapy” as a continuing concept that massaging or manipulating the skin on different parts of the body would yield a favorable response to the associated organ.

The research and technique baton was passed from one doctor to another in the United States. Each doctor developing a more practical way to present the information and techniques. They published books, held seminars and trained practitioners.  These books were first published in the 1930’s.  By 1969 they became popular through major U.S. book publishers.  Now there are hundreds of books documenting reflexology, particularly as it relates to the feet.

You can read the fascinating history I have summarized HERE
Foot refloxology chart
It all makes perfect sense, and explains why we, as divinely designed mortals, are programmed to walk:  Simply walking massages multiple nerve points that positively benefit different parts of our amazing bodies!  This is a miracle to me! And a great (and obvious) reason to walk as much as possible every day.  With this knowledge, it is easy to understand that those who make a point to walk … as much as possible, get healthy and stay healthy, as long as they keep on walking!  Walking as much as possible every day is justifiably promoted as one of the best preventative strategies for longevity.

The research has continued. The practice of reflexology is alive and thriving all over the world.

Several years ago, an enterprising business duo (in Canada) began experimenting with insoles and socks that would continually apply some pressure to these points, these so-called dermatomes.  Using research from the 60’s, they imagined something like magic, but scientifically-based. There would be no need for doctor visits or massage … just wear the insoles and/or the socks to continually and gently massage these pressure points.

It may seem like a long shot, but after investing a lot of money, apparently in the millions, in both developing the insoles and the socks, then having them tested independently in both sports and wellness clinics, they were ready.  They are just now introducing themselves to the world (August of 2016) and making quite a splash!

We personally learned about the socks last summer through a business friend.  It seemed a lot like our herbal detox that continues as a Meridian favorite since 2008.  With a deep breath, we remembered that the our detox product was absolutely the real deal, although many poo-poohed it.  And still do. While it works better for some than others, it is a very valuable product to those who love it.

While many products have come our way in the years since we began sharing our detox at Meridian, we have quietly ignored them all … until the socks! There was something about it all that was fun and intriguing.  Could it be that the socks could be something else to bless lives in a different way?  Even so, I delayed answering the email from our friend.

Several months later, I sat down and read through the material.  I watched videos of those with diabetes and fibromyalgia finding strength and relief.  Those who had had unsuccessful back surgeries were up, walking and feeling better than they had in years.  Healthy seniors were doing more and having more fun!  Athletes were raving about better performances in running, jumping, golf, basketball, etc.

Instantly I thought of person after person who had pain in their legs, hips and feet. I thought of others with problems with stability, balance and range of motion – particularly the dear senior citizens in my life who are so scared of falling.  Then  I thought of my adult sons who love basketball, golf and how much they love performing well! They would all be interested in the socks!

Then I read (and confirmed in a conversation with the company’s CEO) that even the US Navy Seals purchase these socks for their incredible athletes because they do, and have clinical proof to back them up, provide extra strength for athletes and those required to use their physical prowess for their professions.

It turns out that college and professional sports teams are buying the socks.  Wow! The more I read, the more we realized we had to try them first and see if it was something we would want to help make  available to those in our circle of love and influence.

Socks!  Nothing more than socks?  We were intrigued!

We ordered some and were very excited to give them a try. Little did we know we’d become an instant testimonial! My husband Bob, age 65, has a family history of hernias.  Right at the time the socks arrived, he was preparing for hernia repair surgery.  He was in a significant amount of pain with it.

The socks arrived.  They do NOT look special or unique.  It’s hard to believe there’s anything fabulous going on, but when you put them on, they feel GREAT.  Just Great. Bob put them on and wore them to bed.  The next morning, several hours after getting up, he commented,

“It’s hard to believe, but I feel DIFFERENT.  I felt different when I got up in the night to use the bathroom, just better/stronger/different. This morning, though nothing has changed with the hernia, it feels DIFFERENT.  And I am nearly pain free.”

He wore the socks for the 2-3 weeks until the surgery was performed.  He was not without pain, but it was greatly, significantly reduced.  What would have been a very long 2-3 weeks between Thanksgiving and mid-December, became very, very manageable.  We had many fun holiday outings and Christmas events that would not have been nearly so pleasant … because of the socks!

I made phone calls to some of the chiropractors and health pros who are now sharing the socks. One chiropractor kept me on the phone for 30 minutes, telling me that he now uses the socks as the “starting point” with his patients.  “These are absolutely scientifically revolutionary,” he said to me, “as they bring the body into alignment instantly.  Many problems are addressed, and after doing so, the patients’ other problems are much easier to identify and address with my traditional techniques.”  His scientific explanations for why they are so powerful was extremely impressive.

During that time, we had a lot of fun doing the “test” as shown in the Youtube video in the photo below.  (This woman demonstrates the test, then has the impressive healing of her hammer toe after wearing the socks.)

HammerToe Before and AfterWhile we had watched the Youtube videos, we had felt that people were not being legit and doing it “just for show.”  Well, we’ve don’t it numerous times ourselves by now and it is absolutely the real deal!

We call it the “push test.” First, stand side by side with the person being tested NOT wearing the socks, feet firmly planted shoulder width apart.  Using shoulder strength, the tester tries to “push” the test person off balance to the side.  It is not hard.  Next, put on the socks and try it with the same effort.  The test person’s stability will greatly increase immediately and they will be very difficult to push off base. The pusher will be very surprised at how solid that person was, who was so easy to push over a moment ago!
We laughed over this with several people, as it is really entertaining and amazing.  One of our friends reported feeling the tingles of energy in her feet and legs after putting them on.

In addition to the push test, it’s been great fun to read the testimonials that have come to us, especially the one of the picture below of a woman’s “hammer toe,” and our own good friend who introduced the product to us who has been dealing with hip and leg pain associated with being a construction worker.

Hammer Toes Alternate PhotoSo … how can we NOT offer this to our Meridian friends?  It was very much the same with our herbal detox.  At first glance, ,it was “just one more gimmicky thing.”  On second glance, and thanks to my wonderful husband’s patriarchal inspiration, what if it DID make a big difference for yourself or a loved one?  What if it DID work even a little bit and provided even some relief?

Thanks goodness we took the plunge, as that product has helped our family and countless others. We’re so glad the Spirit prompted us to be brave and give it a go.  Now we feel the same about the socks!  There’s everything to gain, and not much to lose.

If you’re interested in learning more, or ordering a pair.


If not, then be brave and try something new that will bless your life!

Remember … Out of small things, like trying something new, proceedeth that which is great!

Carolyn Allen is the Author of 60 Seconds to Weight Loss Success, One Minute Inspirations to Change Your Thinking, Your Weight and Your Life. She has been providing mental and spiritual approaches for weight loss success both online and in the Washington, DC community since 1999 presenting for Weight Watchers, First Class, Fairfax County Adult Education and other community groups. She and her husband, Bob, are the parents of five children and grandparents of eleven. They are now happy empty nesters in Jackson, Tennessee, close to Memphis,where they center their online business for an amazing herbal detox.