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Cover image: “In His Constant Care” by Simon Dewey.

One of the most shocking things I have learned from my interactions with other Christians is how many of them believe doctrines only the LDS Church teaches. Often they believe their church teaches and believes them also, but they don’t. I like to call these Uniquely Mormon doctrines. These doctrines just make sense to our souls and people naturally believe them, unless taught otherwise. Here are three examples of doctrines that almost every Christian believe, yet only the LDS Church teaches.

1st. We Are Literal Children Of God.

If you ask any Christian “Are you a literal child of God?” they will almost unanimously reply “YES!” But if you ask the Pastors/Priests “Does your church teach you are literal children of God?” They will start to backtrack on their unashamed belief that they are Children of God.  Explaining that He is only our Father through the adoption of grace and that we are not really His children.

Every doctrine within Mormonism rests upon the doctrinal foundation and belief that we are literally spirit sons and daughters of God. It is the main doctrine underlining the entire Plan of Salvation! We believe that we lived with our Heavenly Father in heaven before we were born (also a uniquely Mormon belief). And because of Jesus Christ and His atoning grace, we can return home to heaven! All of this rests on the foundation that this is all possible because we are His children! Think about a doctrine or principle and quickly you will be able to connect it to this foundation. That is why Satan seeks to get us to identify by anything other than as children of God.

“It is essential that our preeminent identity is as a child of God.”
Elder Donald L. Hallstrom

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