Cover image via Gospel Media Library.

This week, it’s an absolute must to discuss the women who followed Jesus. Luke 8:1-3 contains only a few details but it is enough to start to paint a picture of these faithful women. If I were teaching a Come Follow Me discussion this week, I might start by asking learners to name every woman they can think of in the New Testament. After naming as many as we can, we would read Luke 8:1-3, and look for the women who are mentioned (great cross references are Luke 24:10 and Mark 15:40-41). Both Luke 8:3 and Mark 15:41 mention “many other” women who followed Jesus Christ and supported him. Although we don’t know their names it’s great to take some time to ponder their contribution. I might ask learners to take a couple of minutes and think about a woman they know who is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. Today might be the perfect day to write her a note of appreciation!

To learn more about the women who followed Jesus, see this article by Dr. Camille Fronk Olson, or this one by Dr. Catherine Gines Taylor. In addition, I highly recommend the book, Women of the New Testament by Dr. Camille Fronk Olson. My wife Lani and I also wrote a short Liahona article about these women that you might enjoy.