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Article Highlights:

  • When it comes to biological males participating in female sports, many people cannot currently be persuaded to side with gender-identity activists.
  • Because institutions are actively pushing the gender-identity deception, girls and women end up sidelined in their own competitions.
  • The vast majority of people recognize the legitimacy of biological sex and want to preserve the language and culture of women.
  • Words are louder than silence, and actions are louder than words; those of us with feet firmly planted in biological reality must speak and act now.

In a recent messaging guide titled, Transgender Youth and the Freedom to Be Ourselves, the Transgender Law Center admits to directly and quietly lobbying politicians to support new laws and policies regardless of minimal public support for such measures. You have probably seen the effects of such “in the dark” lobbying, from executive mandates, to the advertising and policies of big corporations, and even local school boards’ gender identity guidelines.

Interestingly, the guide recognizes a piece of good news for those of us pushing back against this dangerous ideology:

“Right now, our opposition wins the debate on trans youth in sports against any and all arguments we have tried for our side…When pressed, our audiences hold contradictory views, with a third supporting both a policy to ensure transgender student-athletes can play on the team that matches their gender identity and a policy to require that student-athletes play on the team matching their ‘biological sex.’ Our base and persuadables want to support transgender student-athletes, but are extremely susceptible to our opposition’s argument that excluding trans youth is necessary to protect the fairness of women’s sports.”

When it comes to men/boy’s participating in women/girl’s sports, many people cannot currently be persuaded to their side. Anyone who has seen the recent UPenn women’s swim team controversy can understand why people will not be easily manipulated on this matter.

The Ivy League Charade

Lia Thomas (born Will Thomas) is a biological male who previously competed for three years on the UPenn men’s swim team before transitioning to “female”. This season he is shattering women’s swimming records by finishing races full pool lengths ahead of all females. Lia’s “feelings” of being female do not change his biological reality of being male, no matter how much he appropriates women by taking drugs to suppress his testosterone, growing out his hair, or castrating his male reproductive parts (which he hasn’t done yet and displays in the women’s locker room, making the females on the team extremely uncomfortable, to say the least).

The biological truth of Lia’s maleness loudly proclaims that he is, in fact, not a female. Yet because these institutions are participating in a deception, he has been allowed to take spots in races and medals from actual women who have worked hard and sacrificed, only to lose to a man in their own sport.

For women in swimming, the fact that this unfairness is happening is a bitter irony. Cynthia Millen, a former prosecutor and swimming officiator in the USA, stated the following (watch her video here): “Fairness is the underpinning of all officiating in swimming. Each lane line, each starting block, each swimsuit, each pair of goggles, each loud speaker, each and every aspect of the competitive course must be fair and equal for each swimmer, and no swimmer can have an advantage.”

Millen goes on to speculate that competitive women’s swimming is where the tables might be turning against this toxic ideology. Why? Because it is obvious to a lot of people that what is happening is NOT fair. Parents, students, spectators, conservative and other media groups and social media have voiced the need to enforce sports categories based on biological sex.

Public Views on Gender Ideology

Recent polls have also shown the same thing. A poll conducted on behalf of Women’s Liberation Front revealed that “gender identity” policies are a flop with voters. “Seventy-nine percent of likely voters in Idaho, and 74 percent of likely voters in California, agree with us that boys and men should not be allowed to identify their way into female-only sporting competitions.”

Another survey done on behalf of United Families International shows that while voters like the concept of equality, they land strongly on the side of protecting women’s privacy, safety, and opportunity rights (see National Survey: Women’s Right to Privacy and Safety).

An overwhelming majority of the girls and parents in the Ivy League swim world oppose allowing biological males to compete against their daughters and into their private locker room spaces. Yet according to the mother of one of the swimmers who had to compete against Lia (listen to her heart-wrenching story here), the girls (and by extension their families) were effectively suppressed and silenced by their schools and athletic departments. They were told their leagues and schools had made their positions clear, and they needed to support them. If they had opinions or were asked to speak about what was going on, they had to get clearance through their coaches and athletic department leaders. The girls’ first priority should be the safety and protection of their trans classmates who had been thrust into the media.

Institutional Hypocrisy

The Ivy League and NCAA have hypocritically taken the side of male athletes who state they are female by allowing them to compete with the sex they identify as, supposedly in the name of “inclusivity” and (ironically) fairness for all. Even when the NCAA washed their hands of responsibility after a public outcry (dumping it onto the individual sport associations), they determined it would be “unfair” to change any policies mid season. Unfair for whom? The mother of the swimmer said it plainly: “…the concern of fairness only extended to the lone male competing.”

So where does that leave those of us whose feet are firmly planted in biological reality and truly want fairness for all, not just for a tiny, protected class of people that comes at the expense of over half the human population?

The vast majority of people recognize the legitimacy of biological sex and want to preserve the language and culture of women. That starts with each of us asserting that there really are only two biological sexes, male and female, and that gender is inexplicably tied to them. In order to protect women and girls, and our vulnerable children who suffer from the current social contagion of gender dysphoria, it is paramount that we stand by this non-negotiable truth.

The public understands the need to protect women and girls’ privacy, safety and opportunities in sports and 11 U.S. states have passed laws protecting women’s sports (accomplished in a little over two years!) – and another 19 states have similar laws currently before their legislatures. 

In addition many states, like Alabama, Kentucky, Arizona (10 in total), are now introducing laws to ban dangerous transition procedures for children.  In February, the State of Texas’ attorney general declared that performing gender-transitioning procedures on children amounts to child abuse under Texas Law, with the Governor issuing an order for the state’s youth protection agency to investigate medical providers and parents who violate the law. 

Women also need seats at the tables of power. Linda Blade, co-author of Unsporting: How TransActivism and Science Denial are Destroying Sport, pointed out in an interview that male self-identification in female sports is about politics, not biological truth. Women need to get politically smart in order to gain a voice and seat at the “political” table. Linda has networked with women’s organizations in seven different countries to unite their voices in defending sex-based boundaries. She hopes that one day women will be able to claim a seat at the table when authorities make decisions specifically affecting themselves.

Words and Actions, Not Silence

Words are louder than silence, and actions are louder than words. Every person present at each Ivy League women’s swim meet this season knew the race was unfair if Lia was swimming in it, but no one dared speak up about it. Fear of being kicked off of their team, out of school, losing scholarships and future career opportunities, in addition to being hated by others, kept the girls and their families as silent participants in the charade.

Yet reporter Rita Panahi says in a broadcast for Sky News Australia, “This craziness would not be happening if the female competitors here took charge, and in unison said: NO. NO MORE. NO, WE WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS MADNESS ONE SECOND LONGER. If they all took a stand against administrators, the media, and everyone else who is uncritically pushing this agenda, then you can be sure we would not be seeing natural-born women sidelined in their own competition.”

What Can I Do?

It is not only the responsibility of the girls and parents of Ivy League swimmers to say and do something about this dangerous ideology being inflicted on us by governments and institutions, it is the obligation of every man and woman who believes in absolute truth, and wants to preserve the language and culture of women from becoming extinct, to speak and act now, or we will forever be forced to hold our peace.

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