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When Dan and Lorrie Curriden look at the faces of the immigrants they serve in Las Vegas, they see the courage of their own immigrant grandparents.

Whether one is a new immigrant or five generations removed from one, Dan said, “we all benefit from the fact that somebody in our ancestry had the guts to leave the place where they came from, into the unknown, and find a better life for their children in this great country.”

The Curridens volunteer at a Welcome Center for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in East Las Vegas. This is one of more than a dozen such centers throughout seven states and one Canadian province. All are part of the Church’s Immigrant Services Initiative, which since 2015 has helped immigrants and refugees integrate into their new communities.

Dan and Lorrie, along with many other volunteers, help immigrants find access to community legal services, improve their English, strengthen emotional resilience, progress on the path to citizenship and better understand American culture so that they can obtain better jobs and live better lives. The legal services are done in partnership with local university law schools.

And all these services are free for immigrants.

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