This Christmas, give the gift of peace of mind. What better time to prepare and to help others prepare than around the holidays. Essentials for emergency kits make great gifts. Assembling a kit can also be a great activity after all the festivities as you clean and organize as part of your new years resolutions.

Government and relief organizations constantly advise the public to prepare to live for 120 hours without the help of outside agencies, as emergency services will focus their resources on care for the injured, and rescue operations. A good kit is a must for everyone. You may not live in earthquake or hurricane country but a fire, flood and terrorist disaster can occur anywhere. This Christmas establish a budget and prepare yourself and your loved ones to be self reliant in emergencies by following this simple formula for a great kit.


Under $5.00


N 95 Dust Mask

Moist Towelettes

Glow sticks

Large plastic garbage bags

Biohazard Bags

Rain poncho

3-Pairs of Socks


Work Gloves

Identification Card (Free)

Emergency Mylar Blanket

Small Note Pad and Pencil

Local Map

Evacuation Maps

Safety Pins

Duct Tape

Over the counter Medications


Small Sewing Kit

Tooth brush and Toothpaste

Dental Floss




Comb and/or Brush

Hair Band or Clips

Shaving Cream


Toilet Paper

Hand Towel

Medical Gloves



Items under $10.00

Makeup…really if it will make you feel better, include it!


Disposable plates, cups and utensils

Basic First Aid Kit

T-Shirt (for a total of 2 per person)

3-Changes of Underwear

Cash (nothing bigger than a $10.00 bill for a total of $100.00 per kit, a role of quarters is also great)

Over the counter Medications

Magnifiying glasses

Contact lenses solution

Boy Scout Field Book

Feminine Hygiene Supplies

Entertainment (book, crossword puzzle, crayons and coloring book, card, travel game)


Under $20.00


Multi function tool or pocket knife

Flashlight with batteries

Extra set of keys

1-Pair of Long Pants

1-Long Sleeve shirt

Prescription Medications


Sun Screen



Other Items to Consider

A great backpack with several outside pockets for items you will need quickly such as flashlights, whistles and keys. Check out 72 Hour Kits: A New Look.

Photos. Volunteer to take family and individual photos for a friend and their family. Again if you want to know more about why photos are essential check out 72 Hour Lits: A New Look.

Infant’s Needs. If you have an infant be sure to include all their needs in adult kits. Whether for yourself or a gifts you will need diapers, clothing and food for your infant as well as toys to help them feel secure and provide a distraction.

Pet Needs. Remember food and water as well as medications and food dishes for each pet. Everyone with a pet will also need a leash, collar, and pet carrier as appropriate.

Scriptures. During a crisis your faith can sustain you. Have inspirational materials in each kits to encourage and comfort you and your family and friends.

Winter Needs. If you or the family you are creating a gift or live in a cold climate consider a “winter kit”. Create a backpack with scarves, mittens and hats for each family member. If you are creating your own kits these items can be included in your individual backpacks.

You may also want to add a wool blanket or two to kits or as gifts. Wool blankets will retain body heat and provide warmth even when wet, other blankets will not.

Now go and do!


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