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March 2023 updates to the Salt Lake Temple’s multi-year seismic renovation efforts and the overall Temple Square renovation project include an amended completion date of 2026 for the temple.

“Construction on the renovation and seismic retrofit of the iconic Salt Lake Temple continues at a deliberate and measured pace,” said a news release posted Thursday, March 23, on “However, when working with historic structures such as this pioneer-era temple, unexpected challenges and setbacks are inevitable.”

A 2025 completion date had been previously announced for the iconic Salt Lake Temple. In consulting with the project’s numerous architects, engineers and contractors, Church leaders believe more time is needed on the upgrade and renovations to the temple.

A final and formal completion date and temple open house schedule will be determined and shared when feasible. The construction milestones for the temple and the Temple Square project will be shared periodically.

One such recent milestone came March 7 with the temple’s seismic upgrade, as crews poured concrete for the footing of the first base isolator underneath the temple. The step is preparatory for the base isolation system, with the installation of the first base isolator anticipated in April.

A working concrete slab has been laid around the entire perimeter of the temple, which creates a clean, level surface for crews. Iron workers will use the surface to assemble reinforced steel cages, to eventually be encased in concrete and become new footings under the temple. When completed, base isolators will rest on the new foundation.

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