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The Church has published a new booklet Teaching in the Savior’s Way that can help teachers transform learning and teaching in the Church. In addition, wards will begin monthly teacher council meetings.

As part of the ongoing effort to help members build faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through improved gospel teaching and learning, the Church is implementing three initiatives:

  1. New teacher orientation for all existing and new teachers.
  2. Teacher council meetings, to be held monthly during the three-hour schedule of Sunday meetings. These meetings replace the course on teaching the gospel referred to in Handbook 2, 5.5.7.
  3. The resource booklet Teaching in the Savior’s Way, which supports teacher council meetings and new teacher orientation. This resource can also be used by members in their homes to learn principles of Christlike teaching. It is available in print, in the Gospel Library mobile app, and online in text and PDF formats. It replaces Teaching, No Greater Call, which will continue to be available online as a resource.

Stake and ward leaders will soon receive instructions about these efforts. Download the guide “Implementing Teaching in the Savior’s Way.”

Learn more about this effort to improve teaching at