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Many years ago, when Meridian was very new, we did a survey asking readers to identify which tribe her or his Patriarchal Blessing indicated she or he was from. Within 24 hours we had gathered the Lost Tribes of Israel!  We were astounded and thrilled.  It has been many years and now we are using a new, more sophisticated survey tool on Meridian.  Will you take a minute and join in this survey (for fun)?

Obviously we are not going to use these results to try to do “target marketing” to the Tribe of Naphtali!  If you are from one of the lesser-known tribes, you are welcome to send an email to ed*******@me**************.com and just tell us what tribe you are from and what country you are from (that would be so exciting for us to know).

Meridian is read in more than 220 nations so we think we have the kind of reach that will help see some patterns.  If we get enough responses, perhaps we can create a map graphic showing where the tribes are showing up!  Thanks for participating!

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