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The Church provides support for members serving in the armed forces—and their families. The Military Relations and Chaplain Services Division coordinates with and supports:

  • Senior couples called as military relations missionaries.
  • More than 258 chaplains are affiliated with the Church. 109 military chaplains provide religious support to members of the military and safeguard their religious rights. 149 civilian chaplains serve in hospitals, hospice organizations, assisted living centers, police and fire departments, prisons, Border Patrol, Civil Air Patrol, universities, and rehabilitation centers.
  • Members of the Church who wish to become chaplains.
  • Leaders who have members of their ward or stake serving in the armed forces.
  • Cadets at military academies who wish to take time out to serve a full-time mission.

The Church provides resources such as the following for service men and women, their families, and their leaders:

  • A letter, signed by a General Authority, that arrives during basic military training. It thanks them for their service, suggests things they can do to maintain Church activity while in the military, and reminds them that  the Church stands ready to support them.
  • A pocket-sized edition of the scriptures.
  • The book Principles of the Gospel, which contains a message from the First Presidency, instructions for Latter-day Saints in the military, gospel topics, instructions for priesthood ordinances and blessings, and selected hymns.
  • Lessons, pamphlets, and brochures about military life, family resiliency training, and priesthood leader support.
  • Online videos to support members serving in the military, as well as presentations from the annual seminar for chaplains.

Find these resources in the Military Members section of or in the Gospel Library app under Audiences, then Military Members.

Learn more in the article “Support for Those Who Serve in the Military,” in the September 2021 issue of the Liahona.