Two months after participating in a single adult conference for Latter-day Saints living in the Middle East, Katie Shaler still feels the impact of gathering with others who share her beliefs.

“It was wonderful!” she said. “It was a joy to meet those who try to live their lives the way I try to, the way the gospel teaches us to. It strengthened my faith and renewed my vigor to continue to try my best to live a gospel-centered life.”

Single adults from nine countries in the Middle East — native to six continents — gathered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Nov. 5-7 for the conference and an interfaith humanitarian project.

They participated in many social activities, attended sacrament meeting and a devotional, and took part in workshops on relationships, finance, family history, careers and scripture study.

The participants also assembled and distributed 8,500 hygiene kits and food packages to laborers for Diwali as part of a service project sponsored by LDS Charities and the Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara of Dubai.

Sister Shaler, who was on the planning committee for the conference, said the service project was amazing.

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