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Expanded locationsmobile versions and generous givers to the Light the World Giving Machines during the 2022 Christmas season means millions of people worldwide will be blessed in 2023.

The Giving Machines — located in 28 cities and across six countries — drew an estimated 425,000 donors from November through the first of January, according to a report published March 21 on

From those donations:

  • More than 3.2 million healthy meals, and 13,000 boxes of fresh produce, will feed the hungry.
  • Nearly 32,000 children will receive school supplies and class instruction, including 2,900 scholarships for tuition and housing.
  • More than 516,000 children will be vaccinated against polio and measles.
  • More than 38,000 chickens, 25,000 ducks and 3,700 beehives will provide families with long-term nutrition and income potential.

“In 2022, Light the World Giving Machines were in more cities than ever. From New York to Australia and Guatemala to Canada, people came by thousands, with family, friends, and neighbors, to experience what only Giving Machines can provide,” said Karl Cheney, program manager.

Throughout those locations, 125 local and global nonprofit organizations participated and will use the donated funds to fulfill every donor’s purchased item. The Church covered all operational costs.

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