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With the Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square renovation recently completing its third year of projects and progress, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provided a recap of the past year’s work and a projection of ongoing and new efforts and recent photographs.

The post — published Wednesday, Jan. 25 — also included photographs of work this month and links to a video providing a full explanation of the Salt Lake Temple renovation and a lengthy detail on of the processes and projects.

Following is a look at major work that took place in 2022 and a projection of continuing work or new efforts in 2023.

2022’s major work

  • Work began on the Main Street Plaza, including waterproofing and new landscaping.
  • The “jack and bore” process of installing reinforced concrete beams continued, with the installing of reinforced concrete beams under the temple’s existing foundations.
  • Waterproofing and heating conduit were installed along the Church Office Building plaza, with new paving work started.
  • Excavation on the temple’s north and south sides was completed.
  • Construction on the three additional lower floors of the temple’s north-side addition began. The addition will include two baptistries, sealing rooms, dressing rooms and administrative offices.
  • Excavation completed in the northwest corner of Temple Square, for future gardens providing a place for peaceful contemplation.

2023’s continuing work or new efforts

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