Earlier this month, President Russell M. Neslson invited people to, “take charge of your testimony of Jesus Christ” in posts that appeared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

On Wednesday, August 10, he returned to those social media platforms to ask people to “Please share with me what steps you are taking to accomplish this. I can’t wait to be inspired by you!”

Within the hour, the post on Instagram had nearly 300 comments with another 250 or so coming in on Facebook. At the time of this writing, the Instagram post now has over 1,000 comments. Here are some of the highlights of what people said:

By not allowing the voices of the world to be louder than His –Kimcam281

Acting on the small promptings I receive in my daily life to bear testimony of what I do know, without fear of judgment. –Ryanparkerdesigns

One thing I’ve noticed in the past few years is that when I go to the right source, my testimony soars. When I rely on the voices of the world, all I feel is confusion and frustration. So I always read everything through truthful, gospel lenses and it has changed everything. My discernment is better, my faith is stronger, and my testimony remains solid. –theteranfam

I stopped listening to contentious political podcasts and replaced that time with come follow me and church produced media. I feel like the spirit has taught me things I wouldn’t have learned if I was still allowing space for that contention. –ailee_oneal

I am taking charge of my testimony by choosing to try again every time I fail at one of my goals. I want to study the scriptures every day, every day, every day but sometimes I just get out of the habit. I know that the Lord loves effort though, so I choose to focus on trying again rather than on my failures. –valorajo

I realized that I was the one stopping myself from going to the temple more often, so I set goals to go every week! It has truly changed my attitude towards our ancestors and I have felt true joy being able to serve them in the temple –jill23w

By being actively focused and observant to the whisperings and feelings of the Spirit. (And allowing it to be a testament to me of the reality of our Savior). –aubriannabrimhall

I am trying to make my habits reflect my devotion and love for my Savior. –heidihansen

Every Sunday I thoughtfully ponder what I can do throughout the week to better apply the atonement in my life. I try to be intentional in my efforts to live the gospel. –dusenbayree

Prayers in the morning to give thanks for a new day and to ask Heavenly Father for a perspective change. It has been wonderful to see the small miracles each day. –faby.fernandez

Trusting in my true and first identity as a child of God and working to keep an eternal perspective. As I choose to think beyond the wordly mindset I find greater peace and am able to trust in my savior more fully which strengthens my testimony of His endless love for each of His children. –hannahbartholomew4

I have a 7 year old autistic son, and he is the reason I came back to church. He cheers and claps every time we pray. He starts crying when he sings songs about Jesus, and he gets do excited when he comes to church with me. I think he knows more than me, and is my biggest teacher. –the_traveling_firecracker

Recently I have made it a priority to study more about the temple. Now I find myself even more motivated to do all I can do to keep my covenants I have made there. I have personal ownership of my own covenants and I know I am responsible for how I show the Lord I want to keep them. –emsessions

Every day I give God my heart. I tell Him my frustrations, questions, successes, fears, doubts, mistakes. And every day He shows up for me. –momecham

I am ensuring I study my scriptures at a set and intentional time. I’m not waiting for the perfect time of day to reveal itself. Everything else needs to fit around this scripture study time, not the other way around. –brother_jacobs_jams

I’ve realized I can choose to believe even when I hear something contradictory. I’m choosing to heed not the words of men. Making this choice ahead of time makes it easier for me to navigate through all the voices and find Christ. I’ve also set the goal of going to the temple weekly. It’s been a blessing. –jessicaa_turnblom

In a worldwide devotional given earlier this month, President Nelson pointed to four ways to build a testimony. “Engage in daily, earnest, humble prayer. Nourish yourself in the words of ancient and modern prophets. Ask the Lord to teach you how to hear Him better. Spend more time in the temple and in family history work.”

President Nelson offers this promise: “As you make your testimony your highest priority, watch for miracles to happen in your life.”

Now it’s your turn, what are YOU doing to take charge of your testimony? (We would love to hear from you in the comments below)