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Following a Sept. 1, 2019, devotional address to more than 37,000 Latter-day Saints in São Paulo, Brazil, President Russell M. Nelson sat down for a final interview at the conclusion of his late-summer Central and South America Ministry, with his 95th birthday just a week away.

He spoke of Latter-day Saints in Central and South America — and across the globe — and then expressed his love for his Brethren in the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  

With Elder Quentin L. Cook of Quorum of the Twelve Apostles sitting at his side, he said: “These brethren are so loyal. I love them — like my own brothers, like my own sons.”

Watching his Brethren carry out the work of the Church across the globe, brings President Nelson great joy, he said. 

“Have you ever been a father and taken children on a fishing trip? Are you happy catching a fish? Are you happier watching your children catch a fish?’ ”

At a time when the Lord is hastening His work, the senior Brethren are accompanying President Nelson on his dozen-plus ministry trips and visits during the first two years of his tenure, and they are representing him as he asks them to dedicate and rededicate temples.

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