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What does it mean to “gather Israel” and why is it so important now?

President Jean B. Bingham and Sister Sharon Eubank of the Relief Society general presidency focused on those questions during their shared address as part of the 2020 BYU Women’s Conference digital event on Friday, May 1. 

The goal of gathering Israel is to “unite families” and prepare them to live with “our Heavenly Father and His Son, our Redeemer,” said President Bingham, Relief Society general president. Those living on the earth today are living in the latter days, the last dispensation of time that will usher in the second coming of the Savior, she explained. 

“This ‘now’ is filled with great challenges as well as great opportunities” but it is also an “unprecedented time of great opportunities for personal growth,” President Bingham continued. “We are being reminded of those things of lasting value on which to focus our energy. We are learning to share the message of the gospel through technology as well as personal connections. We are increasing our understanding of the value of temples. All these efforts are part of the gathering.”

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To read the full article, CLICK HERE.