Sometimes it’s nice to find out that something we’re doing is really working to bring about good things. Positive online posting makes a big difference in our world, even if it doesn’t always seem like there is time to do it. 

This week, a parent who attends my weekly digital parenting support group, wanted advice for how to balance the craziness of life. She concluded her questions about her scheduling conundrum by saying, “One other issue is that I keep feeling that I need to start a blog/YouTube channel to share the messages that God has put in my heart. My main mission is to care for my family and raise my son up. But I keep sensing this inward push to reach other people…” 

At first glance, a person may think that this mother needs to drop the idea of positively impacting the world with a blog or channel because she has enough to do as a mom. And, truly I do believe in priorities. Children and family should always top the list of priorities. And, this mother wants to use this project to align with her priorities by inspiring people to love family, God, and parenting as much as she does. 

She is feeling a call to do something, really wants to do it, and isn’t sure that she can fit it in. But, the important thing is that it is a call. She doesn’t want fame or power, but she wants to do what God is impressing her to do. This project seems less like a hobby and more like a purpose to me since God is making the call. 

The Coordinated Effort

This week at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women [CSW] conference I attended an event designed to be a strategy session to coordinate efforts against religious and family groups. Since I lead a group that advocates for religious freedom and families, I was interested to listen in. The panel of speakers mentioned that the religious and family advocates are “very coordinated” and seem to be “dominating social media with misinformation and fear-mongering.” 

They began by honoring people in the room for being approved editors for wiki information search platforms that allow public editors, and then called for the importance of seeing religion through a new social lens that they called “a bio-diversity lens.” The panel’s enemies, who are the “very coordinated, religious, anti-rights activists” were made to sound covert when they said, “They have a great understanding of social issues and how to instill fears.” 

Ultimately the calls to action were to get tech companies on their side by using Artificial Intelligence and data collection measures to steer messaging and control outcomes, get more funding, become coordinated, and to work on “reclaiming religious interpretation.” But, I think that my biggest takeaway was that they were reading the coordination situation completely wrong. 

The Real Coordination

During this meeting my colleagues and I were amazed that we were getting credit for something that we were definitely not doing. Someone else was coordinating efforts to cause this much frustration. Not us. 

After the meeting,  a woman told me that God had been impressing her to do something to strengthen and uplift mothers online. Then some hours later, I read the question above from the other mother on my support group. These two women of different faiths were both feeling impressed by God to give strength and uplift to mothers and families online. No person coordinated it. God did. It suddenly hit me, that God is working his miracles to help families and parents through many people online. 

Simple posts about optimistic, real life principles, truths, and experiences and about families are causing anti-family, anti-religious groups to fear that they are losing ground. They are scrambling for control as they try to get their people to coordinate and take action to stop all the good messages happening online that are giving people hope or telling precious truths that uplift, inspire or expose concerns. 

Power In Numbers 

There really is power in numbers of inspired people who want goodness. Hopper, the villain grasshopper from the movie A Bug’s Life, taught this valuable lesson about the impact of one good ant with these words, “One ant? You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up! Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out there goes our way of life! It’s not about food, it’s about keeping those ants in line.”

So what if we all just post something good each week? Don’t worry about the people who say that it’s offensive to talk about how happy you are about your children or your faith. Those people aren’t ready for the message yet. But, each person with an open heart who is looking for more out of life or just some refreshing truth and reads your message or sees your photo or reel will stand up a little taller for one day, and maybe even share that love and light with someone else. 

I know life’s busy. We all feel that time is something we need more of. However, when the whole world could change and evil could get turned on its head by a little bit of goodness and truth from us all, it’s worth a little bit of time. A self-governed approach to social media posting might be best for the truly time challenged. Just schedule it. Tell yourself that you have 15 minutes before lunch on Tuesday to make a post. Stick to the task so that you can justify the time. Add all those hearts and thumbs another time. You’ll be in and out with a quick post and the world war for our hearts, beliefs, families, and souls finds more peace and truth with you in it. 

Apparently, according to the recent meeting I attended at the United Nations, it really is that simple. Positive online posting makes a big difference! Thank you all for taking the time to be part of such an inspired coordinated effort for good! 

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