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Prequels and backstories are tricky. If done poorly, they threaten to remove the lustre of a well-loved story. If done well, they provide new insights while honoring the original tale, casting it in a new, satisfying light. The five-time Tony-winning play Peter and the Starcatcher is a case of the latter, exploring how Peter became Pan and a captain became Hook. Now playing at the Hale Center Theatre in Orem UT, the razor-sharp screenplay is brought to life with rapid-fire banter, infectious cast chemistry, and a delightful silliness.

Abram Yarbo makes for an empathetic, heartbroken Peter, an orphan who’s never known joy and has reason to mistrust adults. Lizzy Dabcynski-Bean is delightful as fiery, adventurous Molly, a young woman whose life intersects with Peter’s. Stealing every scene he’s in is Benjamin J. Henderson as Black Stache, the pirate antagonist who’s as bumbling as he is threatening. The rest of the ensemble is fantastic, with not a weak actor among them.

From fast-and-funny dialogue to clever sight gags, the show is peppered with laughs along with moments of surprising poignancy. The Hale Center venue offers great views anywhere one sits, the “theatre in the round” allowing the audience to be close to the actors throughout. Every expression, gesture, and nuance in the performances is readily appreciated. Peter and the Starcatcher is appropriate for families with a slight heads up on mild language and slapstick violence. For tickets visit or call 801-226-8600.

Jonathan Decker is a licensed marriage and family therapist, an actor, an author, and a television personality. He is slated to present a lecture series on “Stepfamilies and Adopted Families in the Gospel” at this year’s BYU Education Week. For his relationship tips, family media reviews, and Gospel articles follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or LinkedIn.