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Sometimes two really great things when combined together can become exponentially better, but if we’re not careful it can make people wonder what’s in the water at your place. Here’s the head-shake for the week that demonstrates what I’m talking about:

I recently became a member of the BoM squad…

BoM squad, Brother Lemon? Absolutely, random reader! This is a group of Elders who send each other a text at 7:30 each morning to remind everyone in the squad to read The Book of Mormon, or BoM (hence the name ‘BoM’ Squad). When we’re done reading, we text back saying we’re done reading. It’s a built-in dad joke combined with accountability and a good cause, and because it’s guys doing it…the morning texts are sometimes a little silly.

So my alarm went off this morning reminding me to send my morning BoM text. To be creative, I sent the words from a favorite primary song about the Book of Mormon. I sent the text and didn’t think much about it after that. As soon as I’d finished my own reading and went to send the text telling the Squad I was done, I noticed that I had actually sent my Book of Mormon reminder to a (non-member) associate I hadn’t talked to in a long, long time. Oops?

Now, take a step back and just imagine yourself as the recipient of that message. It’s early morning when your text alert tells you someone sent you a good morning message. Excited to see who’s wishing you a wonderful day, you grab the phone and read an early-morning text about a Book of Mormon story being told to you by a teacher, something about Lamanites in ancient history and fathers coming from far across the sea…and it’s coming from a guy you haven’t heard from in over a year. Just…wow.

Yeah. It happened. The person on the other end hasn’t responded back to the message yet, and I’m just hoping it winds up being a really crazy testimony-seed-planting experience for that person and not something that comes back to haunt me someday.

Whatever the outcome, it’s nice to know that God is the one in charge and even though He’s working with some pretty dull tools down here, He let’s us be a part of it all.

Based on my experience with this individual, I thought I’d rewrite that verse to match their experience this week:

Book of Mormon stories that a guy-I-haven’t-talked-to-in-a-year sends to me…
Are about some lame-o knights? in ancient history…
Long ago I met this dude and it turns out he’s a creep…
Now I’ve got this crazy dude, text-ing me!