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Sometimes, I get a little jealous of scriptural figures.

Sure, they had great and epic battles to face, but they also had great and epic experiences with God.

I know their stories are more nuanced than we’ll ever understand. In many ways, the accounts found in the scriptures are meant to teach overarching themes that are enhanced by the specificity of personal revelation. Still, as I study the story of Nephi, I can’t help but long for the type of clarity he received about what he needed to “go and do.”

We are all different in how we receive instruction by the Spirit. Then there is the path of discipleship combined with the will of the Lord that can influence our connection to the heaven. For me, receiving revelation has been a struggle, especially in the face of mental illness.

Nephi had a clear errand from the Lord. As I’ve tried to learn from his story and understand how I can be inspired by his initiative, I’ve found that there are ways to discover our own errands, even if what exactly we’re supposed to do is unclear.

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