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Editor’s Note: The following comes from the Federalist Press. To read the full article click here

The state of Utah is historically a solid red state, its heavily Mormon population identifying best with the pro-Christian, pro-life, limited government and spending philosophies of the Republican party. This election year, however, the voters of the state of Utah appear to be enamored of the idea of a protest vote, wherein they demonstrate their dislike for the superficially flawed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump by voting for independent third-party candidate Evan McMullin.

Putting aside the question of Evan McMullin’s fitness as a presidential candidate, the fact is he can’t win the 2016 presidential election. So whose votes will go to him? He claims to be the most conservative of the candidates–therefore, nearly every vote he receives will be poached from the Republican candidate.

The polls are extremely tight this election, despite a hailstorm of revelations about Hillary Clinton’s many criminal acts and daily bombshells about hers, her campaign’s and the Democratic Party’s disdain for America, its values, and its citizens. The press is clearly in Clinton’s back pocket, burying every salacious revelation about Clinton, while inflating every unsubstantiated handful of mud the Democrats can invent to sling in Trump’s direction.

The truth is that this year’s election is the last gasp of America and its ideals.

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