We knew when we started Meridian Magazine nearly 21 years ago that relying on advertising alone would be impossible. Why? Just tell a prospective Madison Avenue advertiser that your topics are God, religion, family, gospel truth, and nearly everything that is counter-culture in our secular world and just see how far you get. They laugh and then say, thanks, but, no thanks.

Aw c’mon. Cheerios? Jello? Over-sized vehicles for big families? Trust us, they are NOT interested in this, their perfect demographic.

That’s why in an Internet world where so much is free, every year we come to you asking for a voluntary subscription. We have to. You literally keep us publishing. We absolutely need you. The staff gets paid, the issues keep coming, and the wheels keep rolling because you are generous.

We’re suggesting a $40 subscription (about 15 cents an issue). 

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What we hear everywhere we travel is that you need us too. “Meridian makes my day.” “Your article was just what I needed today.” “You’ve written right to the heart of the matter.”

It hasn’t escaped any of us that times are challenging. You have worries that nag you at night and children and friends whose new choices concern you. You feel dragged down by the mainstream news and wonder if there is a place to turn for a little lift. Chocolate and a movie don’t quite fill the bill. It is your soul that needs refreshment.

Just when you get worn out by the dreary world, Meridian Magazine comes along to lighten things up—right into your inbox.

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A Sigh of Relief

You read Meridian and with a sigh of relief you say,

“At last, a place to feel safe online, where gospel topics will be articulated in a thorough and faithful way.”

“At last, an article that will give me a lift today and make me smile.”

“At last, a publication where there is peace today to shield me from the anger of the world.”

“At last, a place where I can see how other members apply the gospel and endure their hard times gracefully.”

“At last, a place of calm in a stormy sea.”

“At last, articles about people and families who are happy, not the sensational, cynical stories I read every where else in the world.”

“At last, gospel answers to hard problems.”

“At last voices that are familiar because they share my values, my yearnings, my hopes.”

You won’t find this content in The Washington Post, The New York Times or on CNN. You will only find it on Meridian. In fact, we are one of a kind in the content we bring you with breadth, depth and a handle on the news and values that matter to us as members of The Church of Jesus Christ.

Will you help us keep publishing? What other publication in the world knows you and your needs so well?  SUBSCRIBE NOW HERE.

We have a gift for you below, but if you feel more comfortable sending a check through the mail, please be sure and include your email address, clearly written on your check or in a note to:

Meridian Magazine
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For the last 10 out of 21 years of publishing, we have asked for a generous subscription to keep us going.  This year we suggest $40 (that is equal to 15 cents an issue).

And this year, as a way of showing our appreciation, we have a wonderful gift: We will give you a beautiful fine art photography frameable-image download—a $64 value—as a THANK YOU for your generous voluntary subscription. This photo is from the Fishers of Men Series called “Cast Your Nets” and was taken of a native fisherman on the Sea of Galilee, the place Jesus knew so well in His ministry.

As soon as you subscribe you will be sent a thank you email with a free download button for this beautiful “Cast Your Nets” image of the fisherman.


We need you to continue publishing and to expand our mission.  We need you to help pay for the substantial costs of running a daily magazine.  Compared to the big, national media, we are a small site but we have all the expenses of the big sites, hosting fees, email server costs, servers, backups, our staff and a host of other fees.  Advertising alone does not pay for all of this—and thus we come to you our faithful readers.  You are the ones who keep Meridian going—to keep the ship sailing “steady as she goes.”  Will you help us this year?  We know that we can always count on you.  SUBSCRIBE NOW. 

Dorothy Sayers, writing in 1948, said:

“For we let our young men and women go out unarmed, in a day when armor was never so necessary.”

What was her complaint? That there was a battery of words, words, words that would come the way of the youth. We would say that there are words that destroy testimonies, corrupt viewpoints, erode faith. She continued:

“They do not know what the words mean; they do not know how to ward them off, or blunt their edge or fling them back.”

Instead, they are prey to the words. So are adults.

Could there be a more important time to send into your inbox each day words that arm you with light in this challenging world?


The Challenge to Subscribe

Our biggest challenge every year is just plain participation.  If we could even get 2% of our readers to respond with only half of what we are suggesting, we would be well ahead of our needs and our goals.  Sadly, most have already clicked off and wonder why we could possibly ask for a voluntary subscription.

We all think someone else is supporting this magazine. That’s just not true. It’s you and you alone. A very small minority of our readers support us—and that’s why we need you.  Even if we could have subscriptions from just ONE DAY’S WORTH of readers, that would give us more than we’ve ever received in any campaign for the entire season.

Please, we ask that you support us this year and participate in this voluntary subscription campaign.  Please don’t wait until we’ve asked fifteen or twenty times.  We would so appreciate your support before the holidays come too heavily upon you and you forget.  And many of you each year don’t subscribe at the standard level. You do much, much more—and for this we are so grateful. Please subscribe now.


This year we voluntarily subscribed to another online magazine because we had been enjoying it for free for many years. We asked ourselves: What would we lose if this magazine wasn’t there every day for us? Too much. We would really miss it. It would be a true loss in our lives. We enjoy engaging with the ideas it presents every day. It just didn’t seem right to us that we enjoyed it every day and didn’t help in our small way to pay their expenses.

What would you miss without the daily gift of Meridian in your life? Too much. You would really miss it. Your subscription cost will also make it possible for others to have the important messages from Meridian in a world that so badly needs it. You become a leaven for your whole community.

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Some Perspective

Let’s put this in perspective as to what we are asking:

It is less than four movie tickets and a very small bag of popcorn.

It is less than the cost of two plastic bottles of cashew nuts at Costco.

It’s less than a tank of gas for most cars.

It is about the same as dinner for two at an inexpensive restaurant.

How much is Meridian worth to you—all 260 issues? Is it worth $40?

You count on us. We count on you.


For those who are not comfortable using your credit card or PayPal account online, you are welcome to send us a check through the US Mail. Please make the check to:

Meridian Magazine
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With all our hearts we thank you in advance for your generosity.

–Scot and Maurine Proctor
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief